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Propaganda, not deaths Social factors External links Appendix On the absence of true fanatics Coordination problems Discussion The Better Angels of Our NaturePinker One of the least commonly noted pieces of evidence for the theory that Terrorism is not about Terror besides the other points like the complete failure to obtain their policy goals is how unterrifying most terrorism is, and how attacks usually have such low death tolls.

No terrorist group has achieved a kill rate anywhere near a conventional military; and are vastly less than those death tolls for guerrilla organizations or dictators. Stalin or Mao could, in a bad day, exceed the deaths caused by all international terrorism over the last 2 centuries 1.

And statistically, it seems that 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial established terrorist groups, assassinating their leader does them a favor - they survive longer, presumably because they had ossified. Stories about terrorist incompetence are legion 13 14 and the topic is now played for laughs eg.

Mass murder is quite feasible without the techniques terrorists resort to. But we can point to others:. The natural comparison, of course, is to private citizens without government or organizational backing who set out to kill a lot of people over a brief, no more than few days long, period.

Let us consult Wikipedia which — ever helpful — has even compiled a sorted list for us: List of mass murderers and spree killers by number of victims. The Shijiazhuang bombings killed people and was officially blamed on an unemployed deaf man. As ofthe global record for undisputed attacks was held by one Woo Bum-konwho killed 22 people inwith an honorable mention to William Unek 57 confirmed kills as of Bum-kon lost the record in to the Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik who killed 8 with a bomb and then killed 69 campers with firearms 23totaling 77 kills.

The most striking thing one notices in the entries is how these atrocities rarely involve extremely elaborate preparations, and how minimal the equipment was:. It must be remembered that simple terrorist attacks are relatively easy to conduct, especially if the assailant is not concerned about escaping after the attack.

As jihadist groups such as AQAP have noted in their online propaganda, a determined person can conduct 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial using a variety of simple weapons, from a pickup truck to a knife, axe or gun.

Jihadist ideologues have repeatedly praised Nidal Hassan and have pointed out that jihadists operating with modest expectations and acting within the scope of their training and capability can do far more damage than operatives who try to conduct big, ambitious attacks that they lack the basic skills to complete. So this alone suggests that perhaps terrorists are, to put it mildly, adopting suboptimal techniques for killing people. After all, the 19 terrorists averaged kills just in that one attack.

Now we should shift comparisons. Civilians—with minimal preparation, with no training, with nothing special whatsoever about them—can 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial up to 60 people. What could someone with years of preparation and hundreds of thousands of dollars available 26 do? He ultimately killed over 27 Russians — and survived the war. But a modern sniper can buy the finest rifles on the market, and can confine his activities to temperate areas where he does not need to freeze his tookis while waiting for a shot.

He is opposed only by police and paramilitary organizations with little training or even familiarity with counter-sniper weapons and tactics. It is not as if they have ever had to! He can travel anywhere within the country and wait indefinitely for his next attack. The many historical examples of serial killers teach us this disturbing lesson: How much more so could a sniper picking random targets!

The Beltway snipers offer an incompetent example: Another dubious example comes courtesy of the Swedish shooter John Ausonius who eluded capture for 6 months despite crippling his guns with pseudo-silencers, walking up to several of his 11 victims, and robbing banks on a bicycle.

It is not unreasonable to think that a terrorist-sniper could kill indefinitely, at a high tempo. If he shot one person a month, he will exceed Bum-kon in just 5 years. And they could keep on killing.

So if all these other methods are easier, or more effective, then why do terrorists like hijackings and bombings? But is this really plausible? Try to consider the terrorist-sniper plan I suggest above. The killings happen like clockwork once a month. The month before that, a kid coming out of the library.

Just 5 people died of anthrax over the 3 weeks of the anthrax attacks; and people were panicked. How much more devastating would it have been if it had been 20 people who had died? Or if the mailings had continued month after month? I think that it would have been much more effective, and that this supports the value of my sniper plot If I may, the social explanation see my Terrorism is not about Terror explains much about terrorism, and in particular it explains this oddity.

Have you never discussed flipping out or going postal or carrying out a terrorist attack with your friends? Have you noticed that always it is the elaborate and fun-to-discuss attacks you discuss? This kind of strategy would accomplish much more than a regular suicide bombing, but they never do it or any halfway effective strategy. A few honest men are better than numbers. While victims fight back, they are still dispatched in seconds There is a lesson here. I take away this message: Most organizations lack asabiyyah.

I agree that we have tremendous destructive powers, but this also implies that we have limited constructive powers. Anyone can destroy a DVD with ease, but to manufacture it, much 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial create whatever it stored, is much harder - a task fit for an entire country or civilization. Destruction can be useful though. Many people all over the political spectrum has expressed earnest desires in the last few years to destroy some group or institution.

Terrorists come to mind. But the odd thing is, very little destruction has happened. A nut with a gun has an average kill or destruction rate better than that of your average terrorist.

A little effective planning, and a 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial could do a lot. Marvin Heemeyer is a case in point. He was stopped by his own incompetence when he drove the bulldozer into a basement; he then committed suicide. The police were requesting an airstrike from an Apache, but who knows how long that would have taken?

I also point out a far more effective terrorist strategy than existing ones in the preceding essay on terrorism. A good answer for terrorists specifically is the social one; but what about everyone else? Why do they not pursue their targets with all the highly effective means possible? If we were bees, ants, or 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial warriors, to whom personal fear does not exist and cowardice is the most shameful thing in the world, warring would go on forever.

But luckily we are only men - and cowards. The answer is motivation and values. The power is available to us only at the cost of everything else. Fruitful comparison might be made with idiot savants or autistics with obsessive interests, or less pathologically, subgroups like otaku or anoraks.

Fictional examples are also of interest. Larry Niven offers us the Known Space s Pak Protector - a genius variety of human who are obsessed with protecting their kindred. Though described as super-intelligences, Niven, being an ordinary human himself, depicts Pak feats within reach of a motivated human. Suicide tactics in even small quantities can be highly effective. The Jewish sicariior Japanese kamikaze are cases in point. Though small in number, they were more effective than conventional methods.

Kamikazes were neutralized by the end of WWII, but only by vast opposition - hundreds of defending planes, pickets stationed more than 50 miles away, improved artillery, etc. That terrorists do so little enhances this point: Compare this to something like Occupy Wall Streetwhich has determinedly avoided violence, in a misguided attempt to shame the shameless and inspire action. The shame seems important; Gandhi succeeded with minimal violence on his part because he waged in essence a propaganda campaign against the British elite, who 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial before had trouble holding India, while it is often forgotten that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist, perhaps because the South African elites were unified and could not be simply shamed - so the ANC switched to international propaganda combined with long-term threats.

Moral suasion is neither sufficient nor necessary, and I suspected OWS would run into a similar fate as the Bonus Army: Some interesting quotes from Insight: The Wall Street disconnect:. Instead of vilifying our most successful businesses, we should be supporting them and encouraging them to remain in New York City. Other captains of finance like to portray themselves as humble entrepreneurs. One owner of a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund grumbled in the midst of the 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial crisis that he has to worry not only about making trading decisions but also about all the hassles that come with running a small business.

Atteberry says he understands the frustration many feel about income inequality. A recent survey by marketing firm HNW Inc.

I think both sides - Wall Street and Main Street - 196 in binary trading strategies and tactics bloomberg financial each other. Suppose people angry at Goldman Sachs were truly angry: If they ceased to care about whether legal proceedings might be filed against them; if they become obsessed with destroying Goldman Sachs, if they devoted their lives to it and could ignore all bodily urges and creature comforts.

Could they do it? Carry this to its logical extreme…. If all links between conspirators are cut then there is no conspiracy. This is usually hard to do, so we ask our first question: What is the minimum number of links that must be cut to separate the conspiracy into two groups of equal number? The answer depends on the structure of the conspiracy. Sometimes there are no alternative paths for conspiratorial information to flow between conspirators, other times there are many.

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