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If you find any errors, or have any suggestions, please send them to the help-emacs-windows mailing list. At time of writing, the latest version of GNU Emacs is version Every copy of the FAQ must include this notice or an approved translation, information on who is currently maintaining the FAQ and how to contact them including their e-mail addressand information on where the latest version of the FAQ is archived including FTP information. The FAQ may be copied and redistributed under these conditions, except that the FAQ may not be embedded in a larger literary work unless that work itself allows free copying and redistribution.

Getting EmacsPrevious: For more general information, see the other Emacs manuals. Which versions of WindowsUp: We aim to replace proprietary software, not to enhance it. That is the main valid reason to support free applications on nonfree operating systems.

Other versions of Emacs 32 how do i install emacs after unpacking the binary zip code, Previous: Why Emacs on WindowsUp: The Windows port is built using the Win32 API and supports most features of the X version, including variable width fonts, images and tooltips.

When run on recent MS Windows, it supports long file names, and uses the Windows clipboard. Installing EmacsPrevious: You can download Emacs releases from ftp. They are distributed as compressed tar files, digitally signed by the maintainer who made the release. Pre-compiled binaries for MS Windows may be made available on a best-effort basis in the windows subdirectory of the above ftp site as zip files digitally signed by the person who built them.

See Other useful 32 how do i install emacs after unpacking the binary zip codefor auxiliary tools you may wish to install and use in conjunction with Emacs. By default, Emacs is compiled with debugging on, and optimizations enabled.

The optimizations may interfere with some types of debugging; the debugger may not show clearly where it is, or may not be able to inspect certain variables. The best results will be obtained if you start gdb from the src directory as gdb. This will load the init file. Display SettingsPrevious: Getting EmacsUp: Installing binariesUp: The binary distributions are distributed as zip files, which are handled natively by Windows XP and later.

For earlier versions, there are many tools that can handle the zip format, from InfoZip's command line unzip tool, to 7zip's multi-format graphical archive explorer. Although popular, WinZip has caused problems with line-ends in the past, and is not Free software, so we do not recommend it.

Source distributions are distributed as. See Other useful ports. The command to unpack a source distribution from the command line is: These messages are usually harmless, caused by incomplete ports that are not fully aware of the limitations of Windows.

Image supportPrevious: You can run Emacs without any extra steps, but 32 how do i install emacs after unpacking the binary zip code you want icons in your Start Menu, or for Emacs to detect the image libraries that are already installed on your system as part of GTK, then you should run the program addpm.

Init filePrevious: This is sufficient to see the monochrome splash screen and tool-bar icons. Location of init filePrevious: Image supportUp: When Emacs starts up, it attempts to load and execute the contents of a file commonly called. You can manually add lisp code to your. If the file does not exist, Emacs will start with the default settings.

Troubleshooting init filePrevious: Init fileUp: Some users prefer to continue using such a name due to historical problems various Windows tools had in the past with file names that begin with a dot. In Emacs 22 and later, the init file may also be called.

Many of the other files that are created by lisp packages are now stored in the. All the files mentioned above should go in your HOME directory. The HOME directory is determined by following the steps below: If the environment variable HOME is set, use the directory it indicates. Not recommended, as it results in users sharing the same HOME directory.

This is for backward compatibility, as previous versions defaulted to C: Use the user's AppData 32 how do i install emacs after unpacking the binary zip code, usually a directory called AppData under the user's profile directory, the location of which varies according to Windows version and whether the computer is part of a domain. Associate files with EmacsPrevious: Location of init fileUp: For example, if the value has trailing whitespace, Emacs won't be able to find the directory.

Also, be sure that the value isn't a relative drive letter e. Find-file and the DesktopPrevious: Troubleshooting init fileUp: The recommended way to associate files is to associate them with emacsclientw. To open files in a running instance of Emacs, you will need to add the following to your init file: Associate files with Emacs 3. The following registry entries control this: Make Windows more like XPrevious: Associate files with EmacsUp: The location of the Desktop varies between different versions of Windows, and in a corporate environment can be moved around by the network administrator.

Once you have a file from the Desktop inside Emacs, C-x C-f will quickly reveal where your desktop is kept. Make Emacs like a Windows appPrevious: Find-file and the DesktopUp: Swap CapsLock and ControlUp: Make Windows more like X 3.

Customize the variables focus-follows-mouse and mouse-autoselect-window. The former can be used to mislead Emacs into giving focus to other frames when the mouse is over them, even though Windows has a click to focus policy by default there is software available to change that though.

The latter can be used to make Emacs use a focus-follow-mouse policy 32 how do i install emacs after unpacking the binary zip code its own frames. You can also change the Windows click-to-focus policy by changing settings in the Registry.

Focus follows mouseUp: This cannot be done within Emacs, but you can modify the scan code mappings in the registry or define a new keyboard layout to swap the keys on a system wide basis.

Swap Caps 98Up: Swap CapsLock and Control 3. To make CapsLock a Control key leaving your original control keys as they wereuse this registry file: Shane Holder gives some background on how "Scancode Map" is used by the system: It's a binary value that lets you map keystrokes in the low-level keyboard drivers in NT.

As a result you don't have to worry about applications bypassing mappings that you've done at a higher level i. Here's the format of the value: To map scancode 0x1d left control to scancode 0x3a caps lockyou want a value of 0xad. Note that this does not swap the keys. Using just this mapping value, both the left control and the caps lock key will behave as caps-lock.

To swap, you also need to map 0x3a to 0x1d, using 0xda. This registry 32 how do i install emacs after unpacking the binary zip code is system wide, and can't be made user-specific. It also only takes affect on reboot. Ulfar Erlingsson has provided a registry file that sets the CapsLock key to be a Control key and the Windows key to be an Alt key: Swap Caps NTUp: The tool has also been confirmed to work on Windows Window operationsPrevious: Make Windows more like XUp: Many beginning users find Emacs difficult to use because its user interface is different in many ways.

Emacs predates most UI standards, and experienced Emacs users are used to the way things are, so changing the defaults is difficult. Highlight selection CUA Next: Make Emacs like a Windows app 3. But the mark in Emacs is used for more than just defining the selected region, it lives on while you continue to edit and move 32 how do i install emacs after unpacking the binary zip code the buffer so it can also be a kind of bookmark.

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EmacsW32 installs Emacs and a few extra packages using the standard windows interface. Sometimes this is based on a beta Emacs distribution as it is as of 8 June Therefore, while easier, it may introduce some instability in the Emacs editor. The first step is downloading the EmacsW32 installer. There are two choices — patched and unpatched. The patched version adds additional windows functionality into Emacs, while the unpatched version is an install using the latest unpatched binaries.

Either package has the same install process. In this case, it talks about the possible problems with the new version of Emacs. After choose the installation directory:.

If you decide to install for all users, the install may prompt for removing previous emacs customizations for the current user:. If you choose to associate extensions with Emacs, you may wish to also associate. This way, control streams and reports will automatically open with emacs.

This is done by adding ". This is done by making the comma separated list only contain ". In this case, the extension. You may choose to over-ride the windows media player association and have. Next, you choose the name of the program group that will house the emacs program, by default this is "GNU Emacs". The official windows binaries may be downloaded from Gnu's FTP site.

Download the zip file, and then unpack it where you want emacs installed. This can be done with the free utility 7-zip. Right click on the file and select the 7-Zip menu, and then extract.

Here the following dialog is displayed:. After you may optionally run the addpm program in the bin directory of the extracted emacs directory, which will create the appropriate Start-Menu entries. Its a simple dialog that asks if you wish to install emacs as the location you specified:. Emacs doesn't include all the libraries to extend its functionality.

One option to provide these libraries is to use GnuWin The useful libraries for emacs include: Mac OS X includes a command-line version of emacs. However, to use all of Emacs' functionality it is best to use an emacs package such as Carbon Emacs.

Windows Install There are three options when installing Emacs in Windows: First download the binary, and click through the warning messages that may present themselves: In some operating systems another warning may occur: After that, the install begins; Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installing Emacs: Accept the GPL licence agreement: Read any important information or release information: After choose the installation directory: Then select what parts of Emacs you wish to install: Choose if you wish to install EmacsW32 for all users on the system: If you decide to install for all users, the install may prompt for removing previous emacs customizations for the current user: Next choose if you wish to associate any files with emacs: Once you have decided on which extensions to use, next will confirm the extensions: Next, you choose the name of the program group that will house the emacs program, by default this is "GNU Emacs" Last an installation summary screen is shown: And the install begins: At the end of the install, there is an option to customize the EmacsW Here the following dialog is displayed: Its a simple dialog that asks if you wish to install emacs as the location you specified: Bzip2 - used by Emacs to automatically decompress.

CompFace - used by gnus to display XFace headers in messages. GifLib - library to support GIF images. Grep - for searching through files with grep. Gzip - used by Emacs to automatically decompress. Lha - used by archive-mode to edit. Patch - used by ediff-patch-file and others to apply patches.

Tar - used by tar-mode to edit tar files. TexInfo - used to build Emacs' manuals. Unzip - used by archive-mode for extracting zip files. Xpm - library to support XPM images bundled with Emacs binaries Zip - used by archive-mode for editing zip files. Mac Install Footnotes 1.