Active Home Centre 29.75"x79" 6 Panel Steel Door (01SJW-6PNL-B)

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They can be very persuasive and convincing in their approach and in what they say. It is easy to be taken in. Trading Standards has always been concerned with preventing, investigating and solving these types of crimes. Due to the nature of these crimes the Isle of Wight Trading Standards Service works closely with the Isle of Wight Police to combat this intrusive and often upsetting crime.

Doorstep Crime is a major issue and a high priority for the Trading Standards Service. Some traders who call at your door can be honest and genuine.

However, some are not and can be extremely persuasive. Examples of cold calling active traders doors doorstep selling include:. They may pressure you to agree for work to be done or to conclude a sale. Rogue doorstep sellers will usually insist on starting the work the same day and will often ask for cash up front.

They active traders doors offer to take you to the bank or building society so you can get the money out. Listed in the table below are some of the tactics and phrases they may use.

We have also listed some of the following problems you may be subjected to if you active traders doors to work of this kind. You should also always be wary of leaflets posted through your door offering services, this can be just another way the unscrupulous trader will attempt to persuade you to have work done.

If you are not expecting anyone to call, use a window or spy hole to see who is knocking. If you do get caught by someone either on the doorstep or whilst you are in your garden trying to sell you goods or a service remember you should never enter into a contract without giving yourself time to think about it.

If you are worried by what they are telling you, we recommend that you call in one of Trading Standards Approved Traders active traders doors will assess the work and give you reliable active traders doors. Please click here to view the Approved traders list. If you do agree to having work done by someone who active traders doors just knocked your active traders doors and then have second thoughts contact the Police on or Trading Standards on immediately so that we can help you.

They may offer to take you to the bank to active traders doors the cash to pay them active traders doors no honest trader would behave in this way. Do not do go with them. Having a door chain is a good preventative active traders doors — when someone knocks at your door active traders doors using the chain they are talking to you through a small gap this makes it difficult for them, but easy for you to shut the door. Having a sticker active traders doors your door indicating that you do not buy goods and services at the door may not stop them knocking but is the first indication by you that you do not want them to call and helps in any investigation.

You can obtain a sticker by clicking here and using the send a message to service form. The Blue Lamp Trust can install door safety chains and can be contacted on telephone: Age UK also provide a service for small repairs and home maintenance including security chains.

Contact them on telephone: If you active traders doors any suspicions about a cold caller they will more than likely continue knocking on doors in your neighbourhood until they find someone who may be vulnerable. Call us on or the Police on to help safeguard your community. If you do happen to get caught off guard and a cold caller does talk you into having work done let us know about it as soon as possible.

If they are working outside use your house phone from indoors. Doorstep Crime Doorstep Crime can affect anyone, but often elderly and vulnerable people are targeted by Rogue Traders offering home improvement services, or by Bogus Active traders doors who claim to be from the council, police, health carers, market researchers or utility and phone companies.

Types of Doorstep crime: There are many forms of doorstep crime, the main types being: Doorstep Callers and Sellers Some traders who call at your door can be honest and genuine.

Examples of cold calling and doorstep selling include: Pressure selling, unfair contracts, overpriced or substandard home maintenance or improvements, phoney consumer surveys and bogus charity collections. Often services offered through cold calling are: Home improvements and repairs, security systems, mobility aids, gardening services, power washing, tarmac and driveway repairs etc.

Tactics which are often used are: Never agree to any contract straight away. Remember it is your home you do not have to answer the door or let anyone in!

Helpful organisations The Active traders doors Lamp Trust can install door safety chains and can be contacted on telephone: Remember you are not being rude if active traders doors refuse to discuss having work carried out on your home and shut the door. Together we can crack down on Suspicious Cold Callers If you have any suspicions about a cold caller they will more than likely continue knocking on doors in your neighbourhood until they find someone who may be vulnerable.

Cold callers, if in doubt keep them out! No address or contact details are given and even active traders doors they are they can be false.

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