Basics Of Trend Trading Strategies

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The magic of options is that there are so many different option trading strategies available basics trend trading strategies traderseach with differing levels of profit and of risk. In this section, you will learn about four different stock trading strategies, and how they can be applied when dealing options.

After comparing the different strategies, you will branch out to each strategy to learn basics trend trading strategies how to apply it to your portfolio. You can start with some minimal risk, profitable techniques, and then move on to more risky but highly profitable methods as you get more confident. There are generally four different strategies employed by stock traders, each of which has implications when applied to options: Position Trading Traders buy a stock and hold it for basics trend trading strategies periods of time, based on good fundamentals of the company.

They will often wait for a stock to reach really good value, and then watch for institutional or insider buying before making a move. As the stock price increases, they look out for other buyers to step in a move the price even further. Once a stock has made clear move or breakout, the Momentum traders step in, and ride the stock up along a trend to its first major reversal. They hope to make shorter term profits from a rapid move in the price.

Holding periods of six weeks to six months. Swing Traders buy and sell swings within a trend. Holding times are between 2 and ten days. A shorter basics trend trading strategies trading technique that is more dependent on the trend direction than it is on fundamentals. Technical indicators such as moving averages and candlestick patterns are important keys to the success of this type of trading.

Day traders focus on the many small moves that happen during the trading day, mainly shown up by candlestick patterns. It means a basics trend trading strategies long trading day, staring at computer screens. It also needs a deep and somewhat obsessive knowledge of myriads of technical indicators and patterns. Finally, it leads to ulcers, wrecked family life, nervous tension, bankruptcy, emotional trading decisions especially when on a losing streak and suicidal tendencies.

Falls into my "Get a Life" category of careers - I would rather spend my time enjoying the money I make! I strongly suggest that beginners to options do not start with this strategy! Want to learn more? Here is an options trading video course that takes you step by step through real trades on the TOS trading platform. This course is excellent value for money. Return from Trading Strategies to the Home Page.

Move on from Trading Strategies to the first step in developing your strategy: Have a look at what Options are all about. On this page you will learn about the four most important stock trading strategies, and which are the most appropriate option trading strategies to use with each. This is one of the key factors in matching strategies. I recently found a new trading course!

This exceptional video course takes you step by step through many different strategies, all using live trades on a well known trading platform. Looking for more information on the various trading strategies? I am all basics trend trading strategies keeping things simple, clear and un-emotional when it comes to trading.

Here is a site that shares my philosophy! Learn how to read the stock market. Articles for Newbies What is Option Trading?

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