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For searching older publications, you must query the local database of SIC's publications by following this link. Journal of Arid EnvironmentsElsevier, pp. Image CommunicationElsevier,36, pp. Discrete and Computational GeometrySpringer Verlag,54 1pp.

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Traitement du SignalLavoisier,21 6pp. Traitement du SignalLavoisier,21 5pp.

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Viikinkoski 4 , F. Marchis 5 , J. Kaasalainen 4 , M. Herald 6 , E. Frappa 7 , T. Hayamizu 8 , S. Kerr 9 , S.

Preston 9 , B. Timerson 9 , D. Dunham 9 and J. Disk-integrated photometric data of asteroids do not contain accurate information on shape details or size scale. Additional data such as disk-resolved images or stellar occultation measurements further constrain asteroid shapes and allow size estimates.

We aim to use all the available disk-resolved images of approximately forty asteroids obtained by the Near-InfraRed Camera Nirc2 mounted on the W. Keck II telescope together with the disk-integrated photometry and stellar occultation measurements to determine their volumes.

We can then use the volume, in combination with the known mass, to derive the bulk density. We downloaded and processed all the asteroid disk-resolved images obtained by the Nirc2 that are available in the Keck Observatory Archive KOA.

We combined optical disk-integrated data and stellar occultation profiles with the disk-resolved images and use the All-Data Asteroid Modeling ADAM algorithm for the shape and size modeling. Our approach provides constraints on the expected uncertainty in the volume and size as well. We present shape models and volume for 41 asteroids.

For 35 of these asteroids, the knowledge of their mass estimates from the literature allowed us to derive their bulk densities. We see a clear trend of lower bulk densities for primitive objects C-complex and higher bulk densities for S-complex asteroids.

The range of densities in the X-complex is large, suggesting various compositions. We also identified a few objects with rather peculiar bulk densities, which is likely a hint of their poor mass estimates. Asteroid masses determined from the Gaia astrometric observations should further refine most of the density estimates. Data correspond to usage on the plateform after The current usage metrics is available hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days.

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