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Patent advisors are often asked this question. Among the infographics and pie-charts is a series of bar graphs showing the time to issuance for Canada patents. Certainly some patents will issue sooner, in the 3 — 4 year range, and some will take much longer. There are strategies to influence to some degree the pace of patent prosecution.

And remember, this is the time to issuance from filing. More questions on patenting your inventions? In our earlier post on this topic Trademark Series: Can a Geographical Name be a Trademark? A search in Google Maps? The primary or predominant meaning is to be determined from the perspective of the ordinary Canadian consumer of the associated goods or services.

If a binare optionen optionbit live trading 45 sekunden matrixxx is determined to be a geographic name, the actual place of origin of the associated goods or services will be ascertained by way of confirmation provided by the applicant. Apples are likely to be grown and harvested in one location. Need assistance navigating this area? Contact experienced trademark counsel. Xylem received a Section 45 notice from a trademark lawyer, probably on behalf of an anonymous competitor of Xylem, or an anonymous party who wanted to claim the mark AQUAVIEW for themselves.

As readers of ipblog. The general rule is that a trademark should be displayed at the point of sale See: In some ways, Xylem faced a similar problem to the one which faced Georgia-Pacific. The decision frames the problem this way: The case against Blackstone by the CRTC did not dwell on the evidence — in fact, Blackstone admitted the essential facts. Rather, this case focused on the defense raised by Blackstone. Archive for November, How long does it take to get a patent? November 18th, Category: Business IssuesGeneralPatents.

By Richard Stobbe Patent advisors are often asked this question. Business IssuesGeneralTrade-marks. The display of a mark within the actual software would be viewed by customers only after transfer of the software.

This kind of display might constitute use of the mark in cases where a customer renews its license, but is unlikely to suffice as evidence of use for new customers. The owner sold only four licenses in Canada within a three-year period. Website screenshots and digital marketing brochures which clearly display the mark can bolster the evidence of use.

Software companies are well advised to ensure that their marks are clearly displayed on materials that the purchaser sees prior to purchase, which will differ depending binare optionen optionbit live trading 45 sekunden matrixxx the type of software. If software is downloadable, then the mark should be clearly displayed to the purchaser at the point of checkout.

Clear evidence may even prevent a section 45 challenge in the first place. November 04th, Category: First, the exemption only applies if binare optionen optionbit live trading 45 sekunden matrixxx email recipient publishes the email address or authorizes someone else to publish it.

CRTC binare optionen optionbit live trading 45 sekunden matrixxx provides some obvious examples — an email advertising how to be an administrative assistant is not relevant to a CEO. In this case, Blackstone was advertising courses related to technical writing, grammar and stress management. Arguably, these topics might be relevant to a broad range of people within the government.

The CRTC is not going to do you any favours here. Make sure you have accurate and complete records to show why this exemption is available.

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Can a trademark evolve? In the world of intellectual property rights, a registered trademark can live on for a hundred years or more. If you registered a trademark in the s, it could still be valid today. But will the underlying product be delivered to customers the same way?

Trademark Evolution, Part 2. Complex technology like blockchain is in fashion. What about IP protection for seemingly simple items like shirts, shoes and undergarments?

As competitors jostle for position in the fashion and apparel marketplace, how do intellectual property rights apply? Make no mistake, IP rights in the fashion and apparel industry are fiercely contested.

Fashion products can be protected in Canada using a number of different IP tools, including:. The period of confidentiality may be short-lived in the case of a new product design: An owner of confidential information must take steps to maintain confidentiality, and the information should only be disclosed under strict terms of confidentiality as part of a non-disclosure agreement NDA , or confidentiality agreement. If the confidential information is misappropriated, the owner can seek to enforce its rights by proving that the information has the required quality of confidentiality, the information was disclosed in confidence, and there was an unauthorized use or disclosure in a way that caused harm to the owner.

Ensure that you take practical steps to limit access to the confidential info. Many apparel and footwear companies rely heavily on patent protection to block competitors and gain an advantage in the marketplace. A competitor — Under Armour Inc. In this patent application, Under Armour is seeking protection not only for the fabric but also the innovative method of manufacturing the fabric. In the case of many fashion or apparel products, the time and cost of patent protection — it may take several years before a valid patent is issued — may not be justified in light of the high turn-over in seasonal product lines, and the ever-shifting tastes of consumers.

Make sure you consider both sides of the patent issue: Archive for February, Trademark Evolution: Business Issues , General , Trade-marks. By Richard Stobbe Technology certainly evolves.

This concept was more recently applied in Davis LLP vs. In the United States, the USPTO is running a pilot program to allow amendments to identifications of goods and services in trademark registrations due to changes in technology, including many cases where floppy disks and cartridges are being updated to reflect online streaming.

Embedded in the original trademark application is a description of the technological breakthrough of allowing motion pictures to be broadcast with sound: By Richard Stobbe Complex technology like blockchain is in fashion. Fashion products can be protected in Canada using a number of different IP tools, including: Patents Many apparel and footwear companies rely heavily on patent protection to block competitors and gain an advantage in the marketplace.