Binary Tick Trade (5-10 ticks)

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This 60 seconds strategy is based on up and down price trends which can be followed by binary options traders using one minute charts.

It is a very profitable and proven strategy but it requires charts experience, fast thinking and account at a binary broker which offers 60 seconds trading. To use this strategy you will need tools such as time chart and tick chart which are both a type of candlestick charts. Binary brokers do not offer them so you will have to use other sources which provide charts. What we are looking for is to catch a trend no matter if it is an upward or a downward one.

I am using one minute chart and tick chart where one candle represents trades on the pair. Basically when you have 2 candles from the same color confirmed with orders you can give a shot. If you win, just continue to buy options in the same direction till you lose. When you have lost wait to see if it is just a pullback after which the trend will continue in the same direction.

Usually trends continue 5 to 10 min but if you are lucky it might last even 20 min. That means if there are for example 3 pullbacks on a 20 min trend — 17 successful trades. If after a pullback you lose again just stop and wait for a better trend. When an uptrend starts you have to buy 60 seconds Call options and if a downtrend starts buy 60 seconds Put options. Set up your budget in a way that you can afford some losses in case of pullbacks.

More experienced traders can perform this strategy on up to 3 brokers at the same time but if you are a beginner I would recommend you to use only 1 broker. Three brokers will multiply your winnings by 3 but it might multiply and losses so be cautious. As you see on the chart a 19 min downtrend which started at 2: I entered the market on the third red candle and performed 13 successful trades and 4 unsuccessful. Two hours later a very nice uptrend came which lasted for 20 min with only 3 pullbacks.

So I entered it on the third candle and performed 15 trades in the money and 4 out of the money. You have to remember that any good trend needs a good pullback. If you finish out of the money times in a row just stop trading and wait for a better trend. I would recommend you first to try this strategy on a demo account. Skip to main content. Follow the trends on one minute charts. Strategy review What we are looking for is to catch a trend no matter if it is an upward or a downward one.

How does it work? How to perform this strategy? Examples Downtrend As you see on the chart a 19 min downtrend which started at 2: Fri, 17 Feb

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I could write a 5 page story on my balls and how shiny they are, would you care to listen? Would have just as much value and honestly imo would be more useful for trading as this story is Why do you show them 5 min Nadex contracts are you like trying to get people to lose money?

IG market makers mis-price those 5min contracts so poorly that the risk reward makes it a joke to even attempt. If you know anything about trading you know you absolutely should never trade 5 min Nadex contracts. You phucking marketers that don't trade for a living really piss me off Tue Apr 3 Tokyo: April edited April in Binary Options Strategy.

Hey, I'm new to this forum so "Hi". Just some thoughts on my experience with the "scammiest" trading products I've ever seen, the Binary Options. Now, there are genuine "real" and "professional" ways to trade these things, and my specialty is on the short term 5 Minutes or less periods. In general, there are 2 categories, of course: I restrict my comments only to those based on Forex pairs, as the underlying. I've written software over the past 5 years, with focus on precision micro analytics.

Just about 6 months ago, I realized that this level of precision was often an issue in "normal" Forex trading but that, when married to Binary Options, or even Nadex options, it was the ideal solution. For 5 Minute Binaries, unless you have micro-analytics on the underlying, then you are a Gambler. But if you see micro support and resistance, and micro trending, then it's a real "Professional" game.

I analyze the live Depth of Market, where Market Makers try to conceal their true intentions, and that's where a Leading Indicator set emerges. I can't remember seeing so much Crap as when I looked into Binary Options. So anyway, that's my viewpoint.

If you don't have a real Micro Analytic Edge, then the 5 Minutes or less categories are just stupid Gambling. In conclusion, for All forms of Trading, Analytics are King. And without them, find another way to lose your Money Good Trading!

An example of one form of micro analytics. April edited April OK, the video link works now. Phuck that I don't like non traders trying to sell crap to n00bs and mislead them. But after you read this go look in the mirror and know what a douchebag fake you are.

And if by some rare statistical outlier chance you can trade and can share your screen live feel free to go to the chatroom tomorrow and try to trade real time with your HYPER I just puked in my mouf sorry unable to even repeat that crap Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 2 2 Guests.