Cantor Exchange Review

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Cantor Exchange has been working with a number of top binary options technology providers and is about to change the face of the US market. US based binary options exchange Cantor Exchange is preparing to change the face of the US binary options market.

The exchange, referred to as CX by insiders, is pure exchange style trading environment and one of only two CFTC regulated binary options brokers. Over the past year or more the exchange has been working with a number of top technology providers to expand liquidity, increase traffic cantor exchange spotoption enhance visibility in what many consider to be the next step in cantor exchange spotoption evolution of the business.

SpotOptionTechFinancials and Tradologic have so far been named with hints that there are others waiting in the wings. Integration with CX is not simple and requires an extensive certification period lasting 6 months or more which is one reason it has taken so long for technology providers to make this move.

What they are doing are building platforms through which traders will be able to access the marketplace. Cantor execs are adamant in saying that when you trade on one of these platforms you are indeed trading with other traders on Cantor Exchange and not making a bet with the broker. As an exchange, a true exchange where every buyer and seller has access to all available price offers, CX primary function is to provide the location where trading takes cantor exchange spotoption and the oversight to ensure that regulations are being maintained.

The purpose of these new moves into the US market is to create gateways and portals through which traders can access the exchange. If an offer exists in the market, and cantor exchange spotoption access the exchange, you will be able to see it.

SpotOption was the first to go live on the exchange. Reports from ForexMagnates say SpotOption was providing liquidity and access as early as February cantor exchange spotoption while TechFinancials is expected to go live sometime during the second half of the year. Regardless, the benefits are already being seen.

The addition of the one platform has increased liquidity to the point that Cantor has been able to add Gold contracts to its growing line up of assets. Once TechFinancials begins operations that list is likely to grow again. It is unclear when the Tradologic platform will be ready but signs indicate it will be quite soon.

The goal for them all is to produce a white label version of their platforms that they can then sell to brokers for rebranding. Each cantor exchange spotoption will be independently owned and operated and responsible for its own registration with US regulatory cantor exchange spotoption. This is not cantor exchange spotoption requirement for access to the exchange unless the broker is planning cantor exchange spotoption solicit clients in the US.

There is already talk of several new brands simply waiting for the go-ahead to begin operations. Tradologic has hinted at at two cantor exchange spotoption TechFinancials has gone so far as to release a name, OptionFair.

My first look at the SpotOption platform on Cantor Exchange is very promising and enough to make me want to switch brokers. They have managed to maintain the great look and easy to use features that have made SpotOption so popular among CySEC style brokers. You really have to look at it to see the differences but they are there. The asset list and available expiries are still cantor exchange spotoption but will surely grow as more traders enter the market. Expiries are intraday and end of day including If you look at the top right of the graphic you can see a setting which controls how much draw down you will allow the trade thereby limiting your risk exposure.

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