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Cherrytrade is one of the most popular trading companies in the world, even though it is not licensed yet. The minimum deposit required for the basic account type is dollars, while the return on investment can reach up to 85 percent. It has a modern approach to trading activities, offering an online-based platform as well as a mobile trading app.

Instead, it provides a demo trading period on their live platform. Cherrytrade is an interesting trading company founded in It uses the SpotOptions software, and its minimum deposit starts at dollars. Due to their service quality and user-friendly platform, Cherrytrade has gained a lot of popularity among traders in the last couple of years.

It provides a wide range of options and features, using sophisticated technology. This company is one of the best and most trusted brokers in the industry. Unfortunately, Cherrytrade does not offer the opportunity to open a practice account.

This is particularly disappointing for those who are newbies or beginners in this field. They would have needed a demo account. It has a great educational value. As a new trader, you can usually try the real platform by going through a practice account, on most other trading websites.

Who knows, maybe in the near future, they will offer as an additional feature on their website. According to the company, however, they provide something even better than a demo account.

You can try a demo version of their investment platform, by accessing an option available directly on their main website. It seems this is a practice that becomes more and more popular among all brokers. Cherrytrade offers valuable incentives to all its clients.

This is a real competitive advantage that helps this broker stand out and differentiate itself from other trading companies. The first one is the sign-up bonus that you receive once you create a new account. This bonus may vary, depending on how big your deposit is. On the other hand, you will receive this initial bonus only after you complete a couple of trades. This way, the company avoids potential scams.

The minimum bonus is 25 percent of your investment, and it is available for basic accounts. The minimum deposit requested to open a basic account is dollars.

You can deposit this amount using plenty of methods like bank transfers, credit cards, CashU and other online payment platforms. You will be pleased to find out that you can trade in a wide range of currencies such as euros, US dollars, British pounds, yens, and more. When you open a new membership, you become eligible to receive a welcome bonus that can reach up to percent. To be able to withdraw money, you will need to provide some documents for the company to verify your identity.

Among these things, there are the following: You can use credit cards or bank transfer to withdraw funds. The minimum withdrawal is dollars. Usually, there are no fees applied by the company when making a withdrawal. On the other hand, if you use bank wire methods, there will be a fee of 30 dollars. You will have to wait three business days before the company processes your request.

Other five to seven days are needed for the money to appear in your account. There is a wide range of binary options types provided by this well-known broker. Among the most popular ones are the following: They offer both classic and modern options, tailored for every type of traders. Those of you who like taking risks can choose short-expiry-time options. Long term option is best suited for those who want to adjust their strategy. It allows you to maintain your positions for longer periods, even several months.

Cherrytrade app is available on both Android and iOS devices. With this app, you can trade from wherever you are as long as you have your mobile device with you. This way, you will not miss any trading opportunity. There are plenty of great features available on the app such as real-time trading, access to more than 60 assets , fast withdrawals, and more. The mobile platform, like the online-based one, is totally safe and secure. Also, the company provides great customer support services, available through this mobile app.

Their customer support center is well-organized, and it is available in a lot of different countries. Unfortunately, the only language they support is English, which is a curious thing.

Those clients that have premium accounts and are consulted by account managers, can contact the company via Skype. This broker is considered very reliable and trustworthy. It is quite popular among traders from all over the globe. Even though it is not regulated by CYSEC yet, Cherrytrade has a good reputation, and it is not linked to trading scams.

Nevertheless, you should act with caution, especially when trading with a broker without a license. Online, you can find plenty of positive opinions and feedback from clients. It seems they have a transparent policy and offer reliable services to their members. Like all the other trading companies, Cherrytrade is not perfect. Their reputation is a solid one, and we like Cherrytrade because it succeeds in standing out in the crowd, differentiating itself from many other competitors.

Richard has an experience of almost 15 years in successful price action trading. Having built a portfolio of impressive wins time and time again, he took on coaching projects next. Today his activity can be best described as part-time trading, part-time blogging on topics of forex trends and major transaction hubs.

He also continues to coach a small number of trading beginners whenever he finds the time.