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Citywide program to monitor the use of paid undocumented sick leave for employees covered under the Citywide Agreement. The program uses progressive discipline through informal discussions and Supervisory Conferences as employees use undocumented sick leave and reach stepping levels.

A benefit that allows employees who receive paratransit service from MTA New York City Transit to select Access-A-Ride coupons or other paratransit options using pre-tax payroll deductions. Bank numbers to identify individual accounts. Employees provide bank account numbers for direct deposit enrollment. A tax credit for certain employees who have a qualifying child living with them and expect to earn less than a prescribed amount in a calendar year. A bank's routing or transit number that uniquely defines specific banks.

The nine digit ABA number identifies the actual bank to which funds will be sent. Employees provide their bank's ABA number for direct deposit enrollment.

Leave accrued to be used by employees for personal leave and vacations, etc. Pay to employees for performing difficult or unusual tasks, or who have been employed in a title for a particular amount of time. The nationwide network that exchanges electronic credits and debits between ACH member banks throughout the country. The amount remaining to complete payment for a deferred compensation plan or other goal-oriented deduction. Shown in deduction area of pay statement.

Organization providing retirement benefits for civil service employees employed in such agencies as the Board of Education, the School Construction Authority, the Police Department, and the Transit Authority. The calendar year, January 1 through December 31, used for tax purposes.

Year-to-date pay and taxes are based on the calendar year. The City's secured access reporting function that allows authorized users to run payroll queries and prepare spreadsheet reports from their desktops. As a condition of employment, City employees hired after January 4, agree to pay to the City an amount equal to a City personal income tax on residents computed and determined as residents of the City. Shown on pay statement. The City of New York's network used for mainframe access, email services, video, and other data transmissions among City agencies.

Automated timekeeping system to record daily attendance and requests for leave for most City employees. The WageWorks Commuter Card is a stored value card loaded with employee's pre-tax and post-tax deductions that can be used to purchase transit passes, MetroCards, and tickets from transit providers throughout the New York Tri-State area.

Leave time granted for working beyond the regular tour of duty. Increases to fixed incomes to offset the effects of inflation. Retirement savings plan available to City employees to save for the future with pre-tax deductions through payroll deductions. Agency responsible for Citywide purchasing, facilities and real property management, and recruiting and hiring City employees. A flexible spending account that allows participants to pay for dependent care expenses for young children, elderly, or other dependents with pre-tax dollars.

The electronic transfer of pay from the City's treasury to employees' bank accounts. Funds are available in the employees' bank account on pay day.

Portion of an employee's earnings left after deducting those amounts that are required by law to be withheld including taxes, Social Security, Medicare, and pension dues but not elective deductions such as deferred compensation or contributions to the Municipal Credit Union.

A portion of the amount paid by the City for health insurance for a domestic partner that may be taxable. Refers to the New York State court case decision Drs. Bank transaction in which funds are transferred from one bank account to another through the Automated Clearing House. EFT is used for the direct deposit of employees' pay to their bank accounts. NYCAPS online application that lets the City employees access and maintain their Personal Information address, phone numbers, email, emergency contacts, etc.

Form used to determine the amount of federal and state and local taxes withheld from pay based on the marital status and number of allowances claimed. Every employee is required to complete the form. An annually salaried employee who receives a standard salary each pay period unless exception transactions, such as leave without pay, are submitted to alter this amount. Sets minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay, record keeping, and child labor standards for employees who are covered by the Act and are exempt from specific provisions.

Established by an agreement between the City of New York and the Municipal Labor Committee to offer financial relief to employees whose social security benefit claims at the time of their retirements are affected severely, as a direct consequence of the City's Doctors Council FICA Refund Claim. One of the City's major retirement systems providing retirement benefits to uniformed employees of the New York City Fire Department.

The City's fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June The City's budget is based on the fiscal year. Programs, allowable under IRS Codethat use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain expenses. Document filled out by employees after determining that a lost or stolen check has been cashed by another party.

A party who receives notice, as a result of a legal proceeding, to retain custody assets, such as a specified dollar amount from wages. A deduction made from an employee's wages as a result of legal proceedings. Indicates the total amount the employee must pay before the deduction stops. The total number of dollars or installments achieved to date towards an employee's deduction goal.

Deduction that is taken until a goal amount has been reached such as a garnishment or pension loan. The dollar amount earned during the pay period. Gross pay represents total pay before taxes and other deductions are taken. The process of applying additions to and deductions from an employee's regular gross pay to arrive at the net amount. A City benefit in which employees covered under a health plan through an employer other than the City of New York may waive their City health plan and receive a cash incentive.

A way to help pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses while reducing your taxable income. By enrolling in HCFSA, you not only plan for anticipated health and dependent care expenses but also reduce your gross salary for federal and Social Security tax purposes.

Employees covered by the Citywide contract or the Management Benefits Fund, and New York City health insurance, are eligible to enroll. An employee on leave where no pay is generated such as extended unpaid sick leave, child care, etc. The number of installments remaining to satisfy the repayment of a bond cycle, pension loan, or other repayment schedule. Section of the IRC that treats contributions to flexible spending accounts on a pre-tax basis reducing wages subject to federal, Social Security, and Medicare taxes.

Section of the Internal Revenue Service code that describes certain deductions that are not subject to taxable wages, including Commuter Benefits. A branch of the Department of Treasury that is the nation's tax collection agency responsible for administering the Internal Revenue Code enacted by Congress.

The New York State Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate used to determine the amount of for the taxes withheld based on marital status and number of allowances claimed. Number to identify a specific job for which an employee reports time and leave information. Shown on Pay Statement. Any condition whereby an employee is not reporting to a work unit. The employee may or may not be paid while on leave. Leave time that remains after accounting for accrual, usage, transfer, and expiration.

There is a lag time in posting leave balances that appear on the pay statement. Letter from the Internal Revenue Service or New York State Department of Taxation and Finance instructing the employer to implement a prescribed number of withholding allowances or a particular marital status for an employee. The City has filed refund claims for both the employer's and employees' share of the FICA taxes paid on LoDI payments received by eligible uniformed members of the City's Correction, Fire, Police and Sanitation departments for a period of six months or less for the years through For tax purposes, the marital status designated on the Employee's Withholding Allowance Certification.

A factor in determining the amount of taxes withheld. They earn income by performing certain tasks in Civil Court cases, including the enforcement of judgments. The maximum amount of wages in a calendar year that is subject to Social Security tax. Social Security Administration changes this wage base annually. A notice issued under the Social Security Act identifying an employee who is obligated by a court or administrative child support unit to provide health care coverage for the child ren on the notice.

Tax for the Medicare Program withheld from pay for most employees at a rate of 1. Automatically increases take-home pay for employees with payroll deductions for health insurance premiums and optional riders because these payments are not subject to federal or FICA taxes. A financial institution offering its members checking and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, loans, ATM access, money market accounts, individual retirement accounts, and other services.

A single integrated Human Resources System to replace existing Citywide systems and enable agency HR staff to do their work better. A tax-advantaged way to save for college. City employees can contribute to college savings accounts through post-tax payroll deductions or can make payments directly to their account electronically by mail. Office representing the Mayor in the conduct of all labor relations between the City and all labor organizations representing employees of the City.

Office charged with administering the City's payroll and ensuring prompt and accurate payment of employee's wages and salaries. The bank from which transactions are processed and sent through the Automated Clearing House to the employees' bank accounts for direct deposit. Commuter Benefit plan that allows employees to use pre-tax and post-tax payroll deductions to pay for parking at or near a public transportation stop or station used to commute to work. The calculations of all pay events regular gross pay, overtime, raises necessary to produce a pay check.

The date a paycheck is issued or the date a direct deposited is credited to an employee's bank account. There are several pay schedules for employees paid by the Payroll Management System.

Most City employees are paid bi-weekly on Fridays. A record of a direct deposit payment containing itemized transaction details such as gross pay, deductions, leave balances, etc. The attachment to the paycheck containing itemized transaction details such as gross pay, deductions, leave balances, etc. A community portal on CityShare that provides information to the payroll, timekeeping, and personnel offices for all City agencies paid through the Payroll Management System PMS.

OPA maintains the site. The number assigned by one of New York City's pension systems to identify members. Also called Membership Number. After retirement, a new Pension Number is assigned.

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