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Online Forex Broker Rating: InCapital Market Services CMS Forex was created by a consortium of software developers, currency traders and experienced brokers. CMS serves more than 6, clients individual traders, money managers, corporations, and financial institutions in more than countries around the world.

Its VT Trader software has become very popular. CMS makes opening cms forex vt trader 20 account very easy — an online application can be filled out in minutes. CMS has a direct dealing desk with phone and online access for its customers. The typical leverage is CMS permits trailing stops for currency traders. Customers can deposit funds via check, online payment services, credit cards or wire transfers.

CMS provides basic Forex cms forex vt trader 20 trading services translating quotations, documenting positions and charting results with variable spreads as low as 1. The most sophisticated features include chart pattern recognition, risk management tools and Forex Autopilot.

CMS has the following account types: Potential customers can use the demo practice account to test their currency trading skills without risking any real money. White Labeling and Strategic Partnerships are also offered to these institutional customers.

CMS is tailored to traders from all different experience levels; thus, it has provided a plethora of different educational tools to help customers learn what they need about Forex currency trading.

The CMS Web site has a list of common Forex trading terms, along with an explanation of basic trading principles for beginners in a document written by a trading expert. Advanced coursework includes technical analysis articles and a bibliography of recommended books to read about foreign exchange currency trading.

CMS provides customer cms forex vt trader 20 via phone, chat, e-mail and online for 24 hours during market hours; it is closed on weekends and during holidays. The company also has staff that provide translation services for customers who speak the following languages cms forex vt trader 20 French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Chinese Taiwanese.

Customer reviews have praised the VT Trader software as being very sophisticated with superior charts. But the complexity of the software generally requires higher broadband speeds. A common complaint is that the currency spreads are a bit too high compared to other Forex traders. Some clients expecting immediate customer support responses, have been disappointed, especially during high-intensity news periods.

CMS is well-known, professional, reliable and reputable. It is located at the following well-known address:. FXCM has a vast global client base, high trading volume, strong financial backing and has won numerous awards from the investment community. Since its start, the company has cms forex vt trader 20 over new employees in all areas of operations.

It is user friendly and can be customized to fit your needs. This platform is easy to use as all information needed to trade is arranged logically and fits on one screen. A toolbar can also be downloaded to your browser which allows you instant access to market news, currency rates, and other important information.

Charting tools and other data can be added to the FX Trading Station platform with plug-ins. This trading platform is good for novice and experienced trades alike. FXCM is a no dealing desk broker, which means that they fill your orders from the best price available. Without a dealing desk, there is no conflict of interest between you and the broker.

FXCM works with up to cms forex vt trader 20 of the largest banks for pricing information which contributes to competitive pricing and low bids. For traders who desire some variety, FXCM has over 45 currency pairs available to trade.

The spreads are variable and can be as low as 1 pip. Average spreads tend to be between 2 and 4 pips. A sample of a few of the typical spreads are: These are extremely competitive cms forex vt trader 20 and offer traders a good opportunity to make money with their trading. FXCM offers flexible leverage with the maximum leverage being approximately Though traders are able to set their own leverage amounts, the majority of traders utilize the default amounts which are based on various default margin settings.

FXCM recommends that traders use lower leverages to minimize their risk. However, the amount of leverage used is up to each individual trader. One way that traders are protected at FXCM is that there is no risk cms forex vt trader 20 a debt balance; your maximum loss is limited by the amount of money in your account.

FXCM offers several different account types for you to choose from including a standard account, an active trader account, and a micro account. With the standard account you receive twenty-four hour customer support; with the micro account customer service is limited to e-mail and forums. You can also set up an account in the name of a corporation, trust, IRA, or other entity. With this demo account, you can trade from charts, get live streaming prices, and have access to around the clock customer support.

FXCM offers educational tools for novice and experienced traders. They have developed several training courses that cater to the beginner and the expert. A visitor to their website is able to view free instructional videos to learn more about trading in the FOREX market.

On the website you can sign up for the FX Power Course which provides traders with a lesson per day for eight days. In this course, you can learn to read charts, time the market, identify cms forex vt trader 20, and more.

In addition, you will have unlimited access to the alumni forum where you can discuss FOREX trading with thousands of other traders. FXCM has live customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact them through the live support, instant messaging, phone, or e-mail.

Their online chat is very quick and responsive and one of the representatives can usually answer most questions. From reading the online forums, it seems that most traders are happy with customer support. Safety of all accounts and transactions is important cms forex vt trader 20 FXCM. To ensure that every transaction and client account is kept cms forex vt trader 20 and secure, FXCM uses authentication protocols, top-of-the-line encryption procedures, and the best firewall protection.

The broker uses back up systems to protect your open trades, stop orders, and accounts in case of any system failure. For UK clients accounts are segregated; in the event that FXCM ever files for bankruptcy, individual client accounts could not be used to pay off other creditors.

FXCM is registered and regulated in several different jurisdictions around the world and adheres closely to all rules and regulations. The service was developed and designed for individuals and small institutions. The bank itself was first founded inoriginally specializing in foreign trade for Berlin.

Cms forex vt trader 20 was founded in May in response both to the rapidly growing global foreign exchange market and growing client demand for streamlined, easy access to the products of capital markets. In addition, the bank believed that cms forex vt trader 20 established institution entering into the foreign exchange market would benefit all participants by deepening the value of foreign exchange cms forex vt trader 20 an asset class.

It is headquarted in London, operates in seventy-six countries, with over eighty thousand employees and an asset base of over two billion Euros. Deutsche Bank was named the number one foreign exchange house in the world by Cms forex vt trader 20 for four consecutive years and still holds the title of number one bank in foreign exchange. The daily foreign exchange notional trading volume of dbFX is larger than the value of the major US, European and Middle Eastern equity markets combined.

For clients, traders and speculators, dbFX is very attractive because the bank offers access to the forex market at a higher level than most brokers. Since the foreign exchange market is so decentralized, different markets offer access at different levels. Individuals at foreign countries are at the lowest level, and since their access to the market is through one or more intermediaries, they are likely to receive less favorable transaction prices.

Corporations tend to have better access and better prices, but they also have to go through middlemen, in this case, banks. Small banks, in turn, must deal through larger banks.

The large banks trade with each other and therefore have access to the best prices. This means that dbFX gives everyone access to the best prices at the highest level of the market. Deutsche Bank AG clients have the extra advantage cms forex vt trader 20 trading on streaming quotes, helping to lower risk to individual traders.

The spreads can be as low as two percentage points. DbFX also offers professional support in nine languages at all hours of the day or night. One prominent tool that dbFX offers is integrated real-time charts that are embedded into the trading platform. This allows traders to monitor and analyze trends, track positions and make trades all from a single screen.

It also eliminates the need to toggle from chart to chart while simultaneously keeping track of open positions. Since the charts are integrated with your trading account, you can easily see open cms forex vt trader 20, entry orders, stops and cms forex vt trader 20. The features include the ability to set time frames, change the color of size of any chart area, and change any setting for the different indicators of dimension, time, location or appearance.

Since dbFX is a margin trading platform, you cms forex vt trader 20 control a large position with a relatively modest-sized trading account. Margin trading lets you leverage your capital to a great degree, which means you could generate large profits relative to the original invested amount. There is a high risk involved, however. Margin trading also means that small market movements can result in huge losses. Since a highly cms forex vt trader 20 account sets this risk, the dbFX Trading Platform has several features built in that helps reduce potential losses.

It calculates margin requirements automatically and also monitors available funds before you are allowed to enter a new position. If the equity, the total floating market value, cms forex vt trader 20 the account falls below the minimum requirement a Margin Call will be issued immediately and all positions closed at once. DbFX holds regular scheduled live seminars and webinars for advanced traders seeking to add to their styles.

These events provide the opportunity to hear from official Deutsche Bank traders and market experts with question-and-answer sessions in real time. DbFX also offers online free video tutorials about using the trading platform as well as free online video interviews with experts from the trading floor.

Average spreads range from as low as 1. The maximum leverage offered by dbFX is DbFX has a dealing desk.

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Member of the London Stock Exchange. Part of Archer Daniels Midland Company. Advanced Currency Markets - A swiss online forex trading company. ACM offers a fluid real-time trading price feed on all majors currencies, foreign exchange graph, analysis and knowledge.

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CMC Forex - A leader of foreign exchange trading at the lowest spreads. Click for commission-free online trading in over currency pairs on our award-winning trading platform. CMS Forex - hour online foreign exchange currency trading. Experience the powerful VT Trader platform. Free, unlimited demo accounts. Open a live account with only USD. Superior, multi-lingual customer and dealing support.

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Offers advanced GTS trading software, free demo, flash trading tutorial, commission free trade account with flexible size contract or managed contract. Fibo-Forex - Trading on forex market with best conditions and service. Currency trading involves substantial risk of loss, read full disclosure. Free trial, charts and quotes. Commission-free real time execution and guaranteed fills.

Forex day trading - Day trading currencies. Forex Financial Capitals - Forex Financial Capitals provides online currency and CFD trading, free forex charts and signals, advanced tools for traders, lowest spreads, and a wide selection of leverages to choose. Become an expert forex proprietary trader or request our forex managed account services.

Forex Trading, Foreign Exchange Trading: Traders gather from all over the World. Forex, Futures and Stock Traders Community. FX Solutions - FX Solutions, primary marker maker in online forex trading, online currency trading, commission free, narrow spreads. FXA - A firm that is located in Japan and provides such services for online currency traders. The course is perfect for beginners and anyone can use this course to begin trading GAIN capital - GAIN offers direct access to the foreign exchange markets, with 24 hour, commission-free forex trading and the ability to deal instantly from real-time FX quotes.

GCI Financial Ltd - An online broker providing real-time execution, free charts and quotes, and 24 hour commission-free trading. Get Paid back for your forex trade - Trade with sny Forex broker, and get paid by us. Hotspot FX - New Jersey-based online retail foreign exchange margin trading ECN platform providing 24 hour instantaneous real time forex spot price executions catering to individual traders, introducing brokers, money managers and white labeling.

Link Capital Management - Link Capital Management, LLC LCM is a traditional foreign currency brokerage with a robust internet presence, reflecting technological changes and the quality of on-demand information. Man Financial - Man Financial, the Group's Brokerage division, is one of the world's major futures and options brokers. Managed Forex Programs Portfolio Enhancement in Foreign Exchange - Programs for growth and diversification of assets ; profits are possible in both up and down markets;Professionally supervised by traders and analysts on a hour basis Managed Forex Trading, Currency Trading, Investment Risk Tolerance - CFS Capital Management has devised a structure to permit both modest and higher net worth individuals and institutions to participate in foreign currency trading by opening individual managed Forex accounts.

We offer the most user friendly forex trading software in the industry. Online currency trading, forex, foreign exchange, free charts, news and analysis - Online currency trading.

What you click is what you get! Online forex trading - Find out how to gamble on foreign exchange. The most intelligeble articles on Forex: We offer direct access trading, day trading brokerage, discount stock trading, online securities trading, future option trading and other online trading services.

Realtime Forex - Realtime Forex is Switzerland's first online market maker for forex trading. Where the World Trades Forex - Not all forex dealers are the same. RefcoFX is part of Refco Group which has over , customer accounts and is the largest firm of its kind in the world. Try demo account and see why. Spencer Financial - Spencer Financial is registered Futures Commission Merchant "FCM" specializing in foreign exchange trading and currency-related services for qualified individuals, international corporations, and institutions.

Swiss Finance Corporation - An established independent brokerage firm and acts as an independent market maker in "interbank" foreign exchange and precious metals, and as a broker in futures. StartForex was founded by a group of bankers with over 20 years' experience.