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The Commodities Futures Trading Commission CFTC has historically maintained rules which require FCMs to report information relating to clients holding positions equal to or exceeding defined thresholds e. In Novemberthe CFTC adopted a new rule which expands the prior reporting rules and which requires the collection and reporting of more comprehensive information on owners and controllers of accounts trading U. In order to comply with the requirement that any account meeting the position or volume thresholds be reported to the CFTC by What information must be provided?

The following information is required of all Owners and Controllers of an account: The following details are also required for owners and controllers that are legal entities: An "Account Owner" includes any individual or legal entity who holds a direct ownership interest in the trading account.

A trading account may have more than one controller. Your institution may have commodity futures trading commission cftc ownership and control reporting ocr rules "Head of Desk" who directs the trading of your institution's trading account, with the other traders simply acting under this individual's direction.

If this is the case, you can identify the "head of desk" using the Account Management OCR interface, in which case "Account Controller" information will only be required for that individual. An LEI is a unique 20 -digit alphanumeric code associated with a single organization and which is intended to be recognized universally across regulatory agencies and jurisdictions.

A number which the National Futures Organization assigns to each registrant e. You may ask your employer to provide you with this information or search one of the following websies:.

Searches may be conducted by the entity's registered legal name or address. Searches may be conducted by entering a firm name, individual name or pool name. Why must I provide this information? The requirement is universal and applies to any individual or entity regardless of their broker. Does OCR apply to non-U.

Yes, if you wish to trade U. How will Interactive Brokers treat this information? This data will be kept confidential in accordance with the Interactive Brokers Group Privacy Statement. See link for details: Unfortunately, all data must be commodity futures trading commission cftc ownership and control reporting ocr rules within a single session and partial entry and a save option is not available. Where can I learn more? The full commodity futures trading commission cftc ownership and control reporting ocr rules of this rule change is available on the CFTC website.

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