CornerTrader Review

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I have an account at Corner Cornertrader app. I like their web trading interface not that it matters, I used it twice so far…. However, sometimes I worry that they are unprofessional, low-scale. Moreover, I have been begging them for two factor authentication for months. Nowadays a single password is just not enough, especially when it comes to your life savings! You pair your CT account with the app credential, and each time you login, you need to provide a cornertrader app from the app in your smartphone.

The problem is, before you enter the cornertrader app, you can just change the credential and authenticate yourself with another app. It makes me really anxious. CT is the cheapest Swiss broker and I would be happy to stick with them, but some evenings I have these thoughts that all my assets just evaporate and there will be no trace of them.

Or someone breaks in and makes some harmful transactions and drives my portfolio to the ground. Have you asked CT about it? The money cornertrader app only be transferred out to your linked account so the worst they could do would be to make some bad trades but why would they? I have contacted Corner Trader multiple times about this cornertrader app. They have said that it is their top priority.

But it cornertrader app been the top priority for months. I have installed the app on my other phone and after logging in, just changed my credential to the new phone, provided the code and cornertrader app - I am logged in. This renders the two factor authentication completely useless. My worry is that by making cornertrader app they can cornertrader app send value to cornertrader app different place, for example by bumping up the price of an illiquid asset.

Hi Bojack even if useless, I would like to give this 2 factor implementation a try. How do you activate it? I have to admit, is the only cornertrader app that is keeping me a little bit on the edge with CT. I try to do the most complicated and random password possible, that should help, but is not very professional.

They told me they would sign me up for testing. Then, finally, they sent me an e-mail saying that they activated it for me. So I am not aware how do you activate 2FA. Maybe it is still not out of the test phase. I would write to your advisor or to the support per email that you would like to have it. That being said, you can so easily bypass 2FA by changing the credential. It makes me so angry with CT.

My bank account is with PostFinance. I have this calculator thing and it all looks much more professional than by Cornertrader app. Some moments, Cornertrader app think that maybe I should cornertrader app pay these extra few franks per year for the peace of mind. Regarding CornerTrader, I have my password stored on my laptop and my username in a secure cloud.

But thanks for being though on them, they need to get this done. No extra security for the login because:. No 3rd person can be involved. If you tell cornertrader app the exact steps required cornertrader app bypass the cornertrader app authentication, I can also forward that problem to the advisor.

They seem unprofessional to me. But PostFinance is really expensive, especially when compared to IB. No extra security for the login because: Right after you login, there comes a screen It reads: Bojack Is there any update?

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