Courses and Competitive Exams After Class 10

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It is very important for any student to choose carefully from various options available to him or her vis a vis his or her interest. In order to achieve success, one has to select the path which they like to walk on. Good judgment and right kind of aptitude coupled with guidance in the right direction to pick up a definite stream helps one in courses options after 10th the right career option. So from the very beginning a student should be careful in making choice of their stream.

As soon as courses options after 10th student reaches 10th standard, some kind of pressure of choosing a career path linger in their mind. Because by then they are at the edge of completing their school life and it is peak time to choose ones career path than ever before.

Agencies responsible in choosing the right career options for a student Due to existence of variety of options coupled with courses options after 10th throat competition in the professional filed makes one confused as to what to pick up as career options. These are namely the student himself, parents, teachers and career counselors. Among all parents play the most vital role as they understand courses options after 10th real strength of their children and hence can guide suitably.

Role of a student in choosing courses options after 10th career The role of a student in choosing a career path is very courses options after 10th as it is him or her who has to continue their journey in their chosen path. Though there are no definite tools which can accurately determine what career one courses options after 10th choose yet a few simple steps can help one to make a decision in the right direction.

First, one should jolt down the subjects of interests. The interest should be evaluated with skills necessary to pursue them in the longer term. A detailed strength-weakness analysis courses options after 10th complement to sort out the top rated career options. There should be enough aptitude to make a successful career.

Secondly, one should explore or test the chosen option. One should act in the best possible practical way to find out what really excites courses options after 10th or her.

Thirdly one should consider external factors such as personal responsibilities and their priorities, financial strength to pursue the option and flexibilities in courses options after 10th the path if in times of uncertainties one can change the career option with minimum obstacles.

Attending career guidance seminars, educational fairs etc can also help a student in knowing the latest development in the outside world apart from the bookish knowledge.

Once a student zeros on a particular option they should focus towards their courses options after 10th with strong fortitude and utmost dedication. They should have a persistent focus towards his or her goal and can seek the help of their teachers, parents and elders. Role of parents in choosing right career path for their children Parents have a vital role in building a bright career for their children.

Parents should facilitate in exploration of the right career option for their children. However, they should not insist their children to pursue a career of their choice. They can help their children by giving advices of successful people and their career growth and supportive instructions. But they should be unprejudiced to allow their offspring to follow their own dream.

If parents try to compel their children to select a stream according to their choice on which their children may not have interest, the result may sometimes be disastrous. So students should always be given preference for their choice and at the same time it should be complemented by advices of the parents.

Valuable advices and good wishes of parents help children to forward their step in new path of life. The best time to decide on career option The best time to explore career options is the time when one completes his or her high school days. In India, the board examination is the most important time for a student.

It is the juncture of taking a right decision on what to choose from the available options. Key options available for a student after the board examinations In India, there are a few main streams which are available for a student to choose from.

We are not considering here various vocational courses which are designed to provide early employment options to various students. Courses offered in Commerce stream Commerce stream can be illustrated as study of trade and business. The stream has been increasingly chosen by large chunk of students after completion of Class 10th standard due its attractiveness in terms of finding early courses options after 10th and also beginning of entrepreneurship.

In the present time, most of the students courses options after 10th a cherished longing to read in this stream. Because they feel this stream provides ample arena of career options to pursue after 12th standard. But in order to make a successful career in Commerce stream one needs to have certain knack in this field courses options after 10th study such as good amount of liking towards numbers and arithmetic. Subjects which are offered in Courses options after 10th stream There are many degree and diploma courses which encompasses the Commerce stream.

Some of the key subjects which are taught in the commerce stream are as below: Economics Accountancy Business studies and business law Some of the popular graduate courses offered through the commerce stream are B.

Mostly major commerce colleges offer subjects such as Business economics, financial accounting, Business communication, Marketing, Business law, Business finance, Auditing, Cost accounting, Income tax from which students has to choose their subject of interest. A student has to take total six subjects along with English courses options after 10th one additional subject. Some important tests for Commerce courses options after 10th after passing 10th standard examination There are some competitive examinations which can be appeared by a student after passing 10th examination which are mentioned below.

S Foundation course C. Com with specialization courses options after 10th any one subject. After completion of graduation one can opt for post graduation M. One can also opt for Ph. D degree courses options after 10th their respective subject which can help in getting a respectable profession such as teaching, research scholar and also in the banking sector. There are other professional courses which are highly favored in the current day situation.

Some of them are as follows: Chartered accountancy CA is one of the most popular choices of a student. Through the course Students learn how to manage a business professionally and can opt for a degree or diploma in management. One can complete their MBA through correspondence also.

Chartered financial analyst CFA is another exiting course for Commerce pursuer students. The chief responsibility of a chartered financial analyst is to manage in the areas of financial accounting, management accounting, financial management, investment management, security evaluation, project planning, venture capital management and credit rating.

The duration of the course is 3-years after post graduation degree. Company courses options after 10th CS is other interesting career which a person has certain courses options after 10th for ensuring the company meets its statutory obligations.

Science stream Science stream offers lucrative career options to students after 12th standard. It opens up the career options in Engineering and Medical sciences. For anyone who wants to study Engineering has to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and those who want to study Medical sciences has to choose Biology as a main subject.

A student has to take at least six subjects including English. Career options for a Science stream pursuer Students opting for Engineering and Medical streams have to qualify entrance examinations conducted by recognized bodies. A student can pursue Bachelor of Science degree B. Sc taking any science subject as the major subject. Numerous colleges offer specialization in major subjects like as Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Geology, Physics etc.

One can go further and opt for Masters degree M. Sc also in their selected subjects after completion of graduation. For further education a student can do Ph. D degree on their particular subjects. Some alluring job option after courses options after 10th B. Pharm, D Pharm and Nursing. After completion of B. S one can do the Post Graduation P. G in Dental Sciences. S Bachelor in Veterinary Sciences encompasses courses of the Animal disease, prevention and surgery cases.

One can do P. G studies in different specializations after completion of B. Bachelor of Pharmacy B. Pharm is also an attractive career prospect one can pursue. It takes is 4 years to complete the course. After completion of the course one can start alluring career in departments such as Drugs Research or Production in various Pharmaceutical Industries. If anyone yearns to do Post Graduation M. Pharmacy they can chose specialization in subjects such as a. Pharm D Diploma course in Pharmacy D.

Pharmacy offers a 2 years duration course after which one can start practicing as a Pharmacist in various Medicinal Institutions. One can also opt for further studies such as B. Pharmacy and later M. Bachelor in Nursing B. Sc Nursing is a 4 year course which covers topics such as healthcare, medicine dispensing and caring courses options after 10th ailing patients.

Biotechnology describes is a series of enabling technologies involving manipulation of living organisms or their sub cellular components to provide useful products, processes or services for the betterment of mankind.

This is 4 year course. Bioinformatics is a relatively new concept which is related to storage, retrieval and analysis of biological data for drug discovery and drug design. The duration of the course is 4 years or else can also go for B. Sc Bioinformatics where the course duration is 3 years. T Bachelor in Physiotherapy basically studies how to restore the functioning of the body which is affected by due to illness like paralysis, injury, shock.

The basic duration of the course is 3 years. S Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicinal Sciences offers courses how to increase the self healing power of our body by using medicine which courses options after 10th derived from natural and herbal sources.

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