How traders across India make living from trading Nifty future contract

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Can full time shares trading be an option for living 36 Replies Views Last Reply: I know it is not exactly real estate but then again we've so much expertise here why dont we put it to use. What's your view of stock trading as full day trading for a living in india job? What characteristics are required? What training would be useful? What is the minimum capital required to earn a sustainable income? Today This Week This Month. Originally Posted by stoxxx.

Comment Quote Like 0. Originally Posted by monds. Yes, u can do so - trade and make a living out of it. However, the person needs to be extremely meticulous and discplined and invest his full time into the markets. The main thing - they first practice a particular stock for a month or so Originally Posted by pcpune.

Well has anybody thought of trading in Commodities. Very Good Option these days and safer than stock market if traded smartly.

Overall I have earned 10 times or my investment however it does not happen with everybody but you never know. The only point is trade with a binare optionen testen who can personally take care of you as day trading for a living in india clients. I have found this below group on Facebook, I get tips for Free if not from my service provider.

Follow this group for better consulting: I hope you have gone through the book "Trading for leaving" search day trading for a living in india for more information.

Originally Posted by tech I just completed 2 years. Technical Analysts are doing chir-phad in the capital markets - like a Surgeon would do to his patient. Ye boochadkhana nahin hai: Day trading for a living in india are no shortcuts I never trade in ill-liquid or penny stocks or high promoter holding stocks ABB, Maruti, Siemens etc.

I trade only in top Nifty stocks only. If you are a person who is too griddy or who is too fearful then this is not a field for you. One should have cool temperament, balanced approach.

If you love taking calculated risks then you going to enjoy this field. If you have lost your deployed capital after 6 months-1 year then this is not a field for you. Originally Posted by trojanhorse. Stoxxx, I have been in stocks since the mid'80s and found that only investments work in stocks, not trading but that could be my weakness and so don't rule it out completely.

I have the following formula and pre-requisites, if you want to make a decent attempt at trading for a living. First have a cushion of at least 2 years' living expenses set aside. In case of disaster, ensure you have ready access to a job again.

Then learn the derivatives business I don't do futures and have stopped doing options of various companies - it takes too much time tracking companies news, fundamentals and technicals and there are too many black swans in the making, even for the biggies - Radia for Tatas, 2G and so on for ADAG, etc. I have focused exclusively on Nifty Options - having left even the sectoral indices since they too have some black swans waiting in the wings.

Then set aside some 5 lakhs as your fund for this business. Of this take 25k or 50k as your capital for the current month and start your trading. This is called money management and is the most important part of your skills! Then learn as much as you can about Options Calls, Puts, buying, selling and the potential risks and returns in day trading for a living in india of the strategies. You will be surprised that the sellers have the game weighed in their favor, even though it looks otherwise!

You might get lucky and make some profits day trading for a living in india early trades, but do not ever stray from your money management discipline!!!

Most people get wiped out on this one alone! Then, as someone said, the market does not announce profitable positions with a trumpet. You will need s of hours of hard work as well as smart work to finally arrive at a position of confidence mostly got from taking beatings by the market and recovering from it that you can put money into Calls and Puts with a better than even chance of making money.

The time spent in front of the screen bores the hell out of you much of the time when markets don't do anything and when you are distracted for even as short as 10 minutes, market suddenly moves massively and catches you on the wrong foot!

Out here, you will find that Stop Losses are a big paradox. If you don't ut stops, you generally lose massive amounts. And if you do place stops, you lose out on massive moves where price first moves against you, takes out the stop and when you are out of the position, moves back in your favor and makes massive gains with you having no stake in it!

It is potentially a richly rewarding skill. Rest of your money, put it away safely day trading for a living in india FDs, Stocks, Gold, etc. Refer another article where I bought even amounts of the Straddle Call at Rs. On an investment of around 1L, in a single day, one made a profit of day trading for a living in india. And this was risk free!!! These are the days when all the effort seems worthwhile!

Originally Posted by wiseman. Dwarka Expressway future and option for living. Which project can be delivered on time. Be Care full before you by an apartment. Time your purchase for an affordable deal. What all can be done to an under-construction flat? Can a Residential Premises be Converted into an Office?

What can be covered for Home insurance? Gaur City 2 - Is it an option for investment? Accepted reasons for not living in an apartment in same city for income tax benefits. First time invester Noida ext or sec for living purpose. Please suggest option for 25LL in Noida only. I can wait for 3 years. Subscribe to this thread to get latest updates.

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