How Are Energy Brokers Paid?

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If you energy broker commission thinking about being an independent energy broker, you obviously want to obtain the best compensation plan that is available. Better Cost Control is unique in the compensation plan that we offer. Commissions in the energy business are based on adders to the quoted price. In the natural gas business, you add cents per decatherm, where a decatherm is equal to energy broker commission therms.

We are the energy broker commission of record so you will never be working with a middleman. If they bought directly from the energy supplier, their pricing would be the sameā€¦if they knew of the low prices suppliers that we recommend. But those suppliers often only use brokers, since their sales cost is lower!

With good customer relations, you should be able to energy broker commission most of your customers for many, many years. When you are evaluating brokers to partner with, understand their cost structure and pricing.

Some brokers will pad the prices they provide you and offer you higher percentages, but your take home money is not as high as you may think.

You should not expect to obtain a large number of mils on large deals. We run a reputable business and want our customers for life. This means that the margins added need to be energy broker commission relative to the deal size.

Why pay more when you can use Better Cost Control? How do commissions work when you are an independent energy broker? Money is transferred directly to your bank account. Monthly residuals are paid once the advance has been repaid through receipt of commissions from the energy broker commission supplier. We do not dictate the number of mils that you add onto your deals. You decide the margin energy broker commission, subject to the rules of each quoting supplier. You see, some brokers provide you with prices that already have their margin built in, so they can offer you a flat 2 to 3 mils.

You can obtain commission overrides on any reps that you recommend to Better Cost Control. Return to top of page.

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With a growing number of business energy brokers on the market all clamouring to offer the cheapest prices, we tell you the top 10 things to look for in a business energy broker. Looking for a business energy broker that fits the bill?

Business Juice is the answer. We treat customers fairly and we are confident we can get your business the best energy deal on the market. Your email address will not be published. Would you like to speak to one of our advisers over the phone? Contact our Energy Experts for Advice or a Quote. If you would like to request a call back, just submit your details using the enquiry form and we'll be in touch shortly. Please leave this field empty.

Do they compare all suppliers? Do they show all fees and charges? Are they independent and impartial? Is the service free? Most business energy brokers take a commission from the suppliers after a sale but just be aware of those that charge management fees Do you get after sales service?

Most brokers will get you the deal and then leave you to it. Business Juice manage your switch for the full life of your contract Have you read the reviews? Make sure it is a reputable broker by checking them out first.

How is their customer service and do they deliver on their promises? Get your deal in writing. Most brokers complete your deal over the phone with a verbal contract which is quite normal. Business Juice provide a comprehensive Key Facts document that tells you everything you need to know Are they making you feel pressured? Have you signed a Letter of Authority? Without one of these, your contract could fall through while the dodgy broker walks off into the sunset with the commission.

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