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If you are looking for Forex Magazine: And do take notice: In January , the MAS is introducing new criteria for providers of leveraged FX, CFDs and other specified investment products to assess the suitability of their products for their clients.

When the new requirement takes effect, clients who meet any of the above criteria will be able to continue trading as usual. Unfortunately, new applicants who don't meet any of these criteria will be unable to trade with forex brokers in Singapore. Anyone train under him before cos his term and claim seem too "good" to be true. Forex trading is not for everyone I was MAS licenced person approved to deal with financial futures, foreign exchanges since But as a self-trader A quality website by Jeyel since Signup Login 08 Apr, Anyone Trade in forex?

Please Login or Signup to reply. If you have the capital, go for oanda. I'm not related or affliated with them. S'pore got one super trader leh Originally posted by M the name:. I want to be a day shift relief driver, looking for Comfort hirer stay at Punggol East can contact me at Looking for maxi cab hirer around Sengkang or close by.

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