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Send us your questions about living and working in Germany in German or English. We will answer as soon as we can. In our chat you can put your questions to our specialists in German or English, rapidly and without prior login. You can get personal advice in German and English over our handelskammer berlin ausbildung.

We look forward to your call! Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about living and working in Germany, as well as about our Web site and partners. In Germany there is a special way of learning a trade: As part of the dual system, you will attend classes at a vocational school and receive on-the-job training at a company. Learn here how the Dual vocational training system works, what other forms of training are available and how good your chances are of finding a job on the German labour market.

One way handelskammer berlin ausbildung training for your future occupation in Germany is by pursuing a dual vocational training programme. Such programmes offer plenty of opportunity for on-the-job training and work experience. Programmes usually last between two and three handelskammer berlin ausbildung a half years and comprise theoretical as well as practical elements. You will spend one or two days a week, or several weeks at once, at a vocational school called Berufsschule where you will acquire the theoretical knowledge that you will need in your future occupation.

The rest of the time will be spent at a company. There you get to apply your newly acquired knowledge in practice, for example by learning to operate machinery. You will get to know what your company does, learn how it operates and find out if you can see yourself working there after completing your training. This combination of theory and practice gives you a real head start into your job: There are around officially recognised training programmes in Germany, so chances are good that one of them will suit your interests and talents.

You can find out which on that might be handelskammer berlin ausbildung visiting one of the jobs and vocational training fairs which are organized in many German cities at different times handelskammer berlin ausbildung the year. Handelskammer berlin ausbildung on when and where the fairs take place are provided by the website Planet-Beruf. Employment prospects for students who have completed a dual vocational training programme are very good.

This is one of the reasons why this kind of training is very popular with young Germans: Further information on the requirements for starting vocational training in Germany is available here. In Germany, students pursuing a vocational training programme receive a monthly salary from the company they work for. On average a trainee earns around Euros gross. Depending on occupation and region, your salary may be higher or lower. For example, mechatronics engineering trainees earn Euros gross per month on average.

The salary you receive as a trainee increases with each year of training you complete. Part of your wages will be deducted for social security contributions. If you earn more than 8, Euros per year, your income will be subject to income tax. Take a look and find out whether you might be eligible. Dual training programmes usually start on 1 August or 1 September handelskammer berlin ausbildung year. They comprise handelskammer berlin ausbildung training handelskammer berlin ausbildung a company and classes at a vocational school Berufsschule.

Classes include German, English and social studies. Around two thirds of the classes specifically focus handelskammer berlin ausbildung subjects that are important for your handelskammer berlin ausbildung occupation. During your training programme, you are entitled to at least 24 working days or four weeks of annual leave. However, you may only take your leave during school holidays.

Your teachers, instructors and colleagues will give you all the support you need during your programme. After the first half of your training programme, you will sit an examination to assess what you have learned at school and how you have been able to apply this knowledge at your company.

You will also sit final exams at the end of your training. As a rule, exams are held in German. If you pass your final exams, handelskammer berlin ausbildung stand a good chance of starting a successful career in a German business. School-based vocational training differs handelskammer berlin ausbildung dual training in that you will spend less time training at a company. You will learn theory and practice of your future occupation at a vocational school, called either Berufsfachschule or Berufskolleg.

This will be complemented by extended periods of on-the-job training at a company or social institution where you can apply the knowledge you acquired at school.

School-based vocational training usually lasts between one and three years. It is offered by state and private schools. Private schools often charge fees. In contrast handelskammer berlin ausbildung dual training programmes, you will not receive a salary during school-based vocational training.

These trainees will receive a salary for the entire course of their training programme. A dual vocational degree ausbildungsintegriertes duales Studium is a special form of degree programme. It integrates studies at a higher education institution such as a university or Berufsakademie and on-the-job training at a company.

This means that you will obtain both a degree and a recognised Professional qualification. This kind of integrated dual degree course is particularly common in the areas of business and engineering e. In contrast to regular university degree programmes, dual handelskammer berlin ausbildung degrees do not primarily focus on academic studies. In addition to the theory that is taught at a higher education institution or Berufsakademie, students also undergo on-the-job training at a company.

This provides them with the necessary work experience that opens up excellent career opportunities. Moreover, students receive a salary like any other trainee during the time they work for their company. Handelskammer berlin ausbildung vocational degree programmes usually handelskammer berlin ausbildung between three and five years.

In most cases, the vocational part is limited to two years to make sure that there is enough time for the handelskammer berlin ausbildung part. You can only participate in this kind of degree course if you have the required entrance qualification for German universities. The first step is to apply at a company that will be responsible for your practical training. Then you enrol for a degree course at the university your company cooperates with.

Please make sure to apply early, as these degree courses are very popular. Career counselling, trainee placement services and financial support for trainees English, German, French.

Useful links on vocational training German. Information on dual vocational training German. Vocational training in crafts English, German, French, Polish. Profiles of several occupations requiring vocational training English, German.

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Five training profiles at a glance Vocational training in Germany Study Five reasons to study in Germany Five handelskammer berlin ausbildung to studying in Germany 3 tips from a student Studying in Germany — And after? You probably know some German already Language learners tell of their experiences Further Training Five reasons to do further training Different forms of further training Further training step by step.

You probably know some German already Language learners tell of their experiences Further Training Five reasons to do further training Extra handelskammer berlin ausbildung Moving up the career ladder Higher salary Secure jobs Committed companies Different forms of further training Further training step by step.

Vocational training in Germany — how does it work? The dual vocational training system. Vocational training and pay. Stages of dual vocational training. Information on this portal. Five training profiles at a glance. Vocational training — how to get started. Funding and support during vocational training. Information on the World Wide Web. Handelskammer berlin ausbildung Employment Agency Career counselling, trainee placement services and financial support for trainees English, German, French.

Handelskammer Hamburg Information on dual vocational training German. Make it in Germany Newsletter Subscribe to our Newsletter with interesting news about labour migration and integration in Germany Don't show again.

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