The Honest Guide to Stock Trading: Make Market-Beating Returns. Achieve Long-Term Wealth

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But keep this in mind: Many stock experts offer advice. But few of them deliver investing tips as straightforward, practical and profitable as we do in this guide — all in plain English, without jargon and without talking down to the new investor. But right now I want to promise you this. As I said, this guide shows you how to profit from being a contrarian. Much of the advice it offers seems counter-intuitive, or the opposite of what you may have always thought about the market and investors.

An investor will read various articles about certain stocks, page through a few annual reports and study earnings estimates. After what usually turns out honest guide to stock trading pdf be many hours of research, then decides which stocks to buy.

He then commits his hard-earned money to these stocks, feeling confident maybe even excited about his prospects for making money in the stock market. Naturally, not all of these investments go the right way. Some of the stocks he had the highest hopes for drop in price right after his initial commitment.

Still brimming with confidence, the investor sticks with these losers, confident the decline is just temporary. Weeks pass, but these poor performers do not rebound; in fact, they sink to even lower levels. The investor tells himself that the stocks have become bargains. After all, if they were good buys when he bought them, they must be even better buys at these lower prices.

Thus, he continues to hold on and perhaps buys even more of these stocks, hoping they will return to their previous highs. On the other side of the ledger, the investor watches some of his choice selections soar from the get-go. Feeling satisfied, he takes his wife out to dinner, and tells her how good he is at making money in the stock market. What do we think honest guide to stock trading pdf this?

We know, from our 45 years of experience as stock advisors, that this investor has just done exactly the opposite of what he should have done. He has hung on, against all odds, to his losers, and sold his winners. This might be a face-palm moment for you. But if you want to avoid making mistakes that can cost you thousands — and find out exactly what that investor should have done instead — you should be reading this guide right now!

However, once you read through it, it will all start to make sense. But bear with me. At first, a stock seems exciting, new, and quite sexy. Early investors jump in, and its allure increases. Unfortunately, just like many romances, cold, hard reality eventually sets in, those early investors bail out, and the stock is just another jilted lover, the its romance honest guide to stock trading pdf the market at an end. If you understand this principle, and learn honest guide to stock trading pdf recognize both the early signs of romance and honest guide to stock trading pdf signs of a coming ugly break-up, you can earn huge profits.

This is also explained clearly in the guide. As you can see, what sounded like crazy talk at first actually makes perfect sense — along with plenty of dollars. The guide explains both technical and fundamental analysis, and gives you the traditional metrics you should be checking on.

A lot of stock advisories will do the same. The guide shares one of our favorite honest guide to stock trading pdf investing tips — look for a company that has a big idea that can generate a lot of steamy romance for a stock. But we also go further: We also explain exactly which characteristics in a company indicate the perfect big idea to smart investors.

Studying the market with these criteria in mind, instead of the just the usual moving averages, profit margins and so on, is what separates the truly successful investors from everyone else. Beginning investors are bombarded with promotions for this, that or the other investing guides. Our paid subscribers ask us questions, and we actually respond to their emails. Instead of being a group of MBAs sitting in a shiny skyscraper in Manhattan, we still work here in Salem, MA where our founder began this company, giving us a honest guide to stock trading pdf grounding in the legendary New England work ethic.

Many of our readers are third-generation subscribers. And speaking of Tim … he is the author of this FREE guide, and the investing tips you get are his personal favorites. He is our most experienced, most trusted stock analyst, who appears regularly on television investing shows, oversees the publication of our 12 advisories to oversubscribers around the world, has led Cabot to innumerable awards, and even finds time to write Cabot Stock of the Week which subscribers await eagerly every week, solely because the recommendation is coming from Tim.

So I urge you to read this Special Report right now. It will take only a half-hour or so of your time for the first read-through, and it will make an enormous difference in your investing approach. Remember, this valuable guide is absolutely FREE. You must be logged in to post a comment. It will change everything you ever thought about the stock market. Here are just a few of the things Tim Lutts will teach you in the guide: Enter Your Log In Credentials.

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