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Sending money abroad and receiving payments from foreign companies or individuals is surprisingly difficult in Pakistan. There are many factors that come into play including the cost of the payment method, time it takes to transfer the amount and acceptability of the payment method to the foreign party.

SWIFT is an encrypted messaging standard used to transmit wire transfer instructions by banks around the world. I have previously blogged about receiving wire transfer payments in Pakistan. Even a rupee account will suffice. Sending a wire transfer is a whole different story.

You need a foreign currency account to be able to send a wire in your own name. Some foreign exchange companies can wire money on your how to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai but then the money is sent in their name and that is often unacceptable to foreign companies. Cost of Wire transfer: In terms of cost, wire transfer is quite expensive.

Outside Pakistan that amount can be much higher. However, they do make money off the currency conversion. US and European banks do charge customers to receive an International wire. The hidden cost is often the correspondent bank fees. These banks help route the money to its destination and how to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai can charge arbitrary fees without the sender or receiver knowing or consenting to it.

As a result of all these bank fees it is impossible to say exactly how much the recipient will get in a SWIFT wire transfer transaction. IMO this is the biggest disadvantage of wire transfers. The bank fees involved make smaller transactions impractical. Speed of wire transfer: So wire transfers are a very fast payment method. Security of wire transfers: Wire transfers are also a very safe payment method.

Both the sender and receiver must have a bank account at a legitimate financial institution. So there is no risk of chargeback or payment reversal as in the case of credit cards. Please see the links posted in response to previous comments above. Your questions are answered there. My question was for Mr. Zubaireeā€¦ he is a forex trader i believe. For example, if you deposit funds into your OANDA account via bank transfer, withdrawals will be sent via bank transfer back to the same account.

Ahmed, OandA offers a money transfer service and you can withdraw to any account of your choosing. I suggest you email them. They have a customer support desk you know? The funds will be returned to the sender. You will be asked to write a letter requesting this diversion of funds. MayI use the swift code of another Allied branch to transfer funds. Secondlyhow long wire transfer would take? You should confirm what I write here with allied bank management but, generally speaking, you can receive funds using the head office swift code and the bank will take care of routing the money to your account at your branch.

Wire transfer usually takes just one business day but it may take up to days. How i can send this big amount? Are there some restrictions of State Bank involved? These accounts are free from all Foreign Exchange restrictions. In other words, account holders have full freedom to operate on their accounts to the extent of the balance available in the accounts either for local payments in Rupees or for remittance to any country and for any purpose or for withdrawals in the shape of foreign currency notes and travellers cheques.

Dear sir, I have a question. I how to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai a us national. Now I am moving back and I have sold my how to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai.

How do I transfer this amount back to my account in US. Your help is greatly appreciated. Does State Bank gets invoke in this case? Thank dear really worth reading. You know mod of transaction is really big issue for Pakistani small business industry. You need your ID card, minimum dollars with you.

I read your article. But I am bit confused about sending wire transfer from pakistan. And what conversion rates do the use? Brother, I am actually paying to a company outside Pakistan as an importer. If incase there product are substandard, so can i return my moneyback in any bad suitation? They disappointed me about wire transfer of how to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai. I need advise on how to do telegraphic transfer from Pakistan to How to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai The organization is asking to do telegraphic transfer with my name only.

I do not have Forex account in Pakistan. Is there any solution? You need a foreign currency account to send outward wire transfers in your name. Exchange companies can do it how to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai you but then the transfer will be in their name.

If i open a USD Foreign currency account in ABL and show them proof of my earnings in dollars on letter-head of the company operating in USA and get it transfer from that company to my bank account in Pakistan via Wire transfer, while i am living in Pakistan. Bank told me that its OK to do that. It would be great if you let us know how it worked out. I have visited the bank, The bank only asked to provide proof of funds in USD and after some necessary processings and approvals from back-end, might be SBP FC account will be operational and then i can have incoming wire transfer in USD.

I will visit the bank on Thursday now and then let you know. Let us know after you receive the funds. Hi We have an IT company having software reseller status for number of foriegn software. We sell software and get payment from companies in Pak rupees but we have to send payments to principle companies in dollars. You can buy dollars from the open market. Just go to any exchange company and buy dollars in exchange for rupees.

You can then how to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai that money into your FC account and send a wire transfer to your upstream supplier. How to open forex trading account in pakistan dubai, importers usually use Letters of Credit to remit funds abroad. You should look into that as well. Hi, I was wondering which bank you use to send wire transfers? Some banks Meezan refuse to send any wire transfers unless its from a company account.

Any bank that restricts you from sending wire transfer abroad from your foreign currency account is breaking SBP rules. See my comment above about it:. I transferred money by swift 8 days before, but not credited yet.

The process is the same for every country on the planet. So read the article above and if you have a question not answered there you can ask it in the comments. In my experience it is usually credited within one working day. But if you go through some of the comments above and on the article about receiving swift wires you will see that some people have had to wait for weeks. What you can do is ask the sender to give you a copy of the swift message so that you can show it to your bank.

The sender might charge you for this because their bank charges them for this. Hi, I have a question regarding Telegraphic Transfers to a company account abroad. One of my friend told me that I cannot send funds abroad from my personal account to third party Company account.

Can any advise me the safest method of transfering money abroad? Dear Riz, I would like to ask u about forex brokers. Is there no reliable broker in Pakistan.

MTG says they are representative of Instaforex. I would like to open an islamic forex accout as it is free of interests and swaps and would appreciate if kindly contact me as i would like to know experience of yours or any one known personally by you regarding a reliable broker.

I m not sure about the genuinity of MTG broker therefore I m asking this as it would allow me to deposit and withdraw directly in Pak rupee. Please let me know about any payment and deposit method as well. I am considering skrills but there if an issue of debit cards not accepted there. Credit cards are not used by me due to shariah purpose. Please contact, I would call u as well if provide me ur no.

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You can contact the OSC Inquiries and Contact Centre as they are available to answer your questions about finding a registered financial advisor and also about securities regulation of cryptocurrencies.

Before you do, make sure you understand the process and any tax implications. You can take money out of your TFSA at any time, without paying tax on the withdrawal. Taking money out can affect your TFSA contribution room for the year. If you are withdrawing investments, such as stocks or bonds, youll pay 100 tax on any gains made by swapping investments between your TFSA and a registered account.