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In addition to money, bonus points are also given in the first 4 steps of "InstaForex Great Race" contest which can be used at the Final of the Contest. Participant gets additional USD to the initial deposit of his contest account for every bonus point. Participant agrees to provide true data, full name identical to one specified in the ID document and available contact email. In case trading on two or more accounts is conducted from the same IP, the Contest Administration reserves the right to dismiss their owner -s.

The Organizer reserves the right to decline registration of any participant without explaining the reason or disqualify any participant during the Contest instaforex bonus 1500 usd after the Instaforex bonus 1500 usd is instaforex bonus 1500 usd with explanation.

The reason for disqualifying can be opening of big volume opposite orders with the same currency pairs on different trading accounts at the same time approximately, as well as usage of errors in the quote flow for getting a guaranteed profit. Signing instaforex bonus 1500 usd for the Contest the Participant accepts all restrictions and rules of instaforex bonus 1500 usd Contest. After the Contest registration is completed the Participant becomes a demo account holder.

All orders put at non-market price are destined instaforex bonus 1500 usd cancellation. The Contest Administration reserves the right to disqualify an account, in case it was employed for trading at non-market quotes. Contest participants may use Expert Advisors and any trading strategies without restrictions. Major currency pairs and Forex crosses are the only available trading instruments at the Contest. Contest participant can change his trading account to Swap free by contacting the Support Department.

Other trading terms for contest trading accounts are the same as for live trading accounts with InstaForex. In case two participants have the same profit, the Winner is determined by the Company. The Organizer reserves the right to decline the Participant's registration request without reasoning and disqualify the Participant, either during the Contest or after it has finished, upon direct instaforex bonus 1500 usd indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds.

The balance of participants accounts is available in free access on the company's website during the contest period. The Company reserves the right to publish participants statements after the Contest finishes. Contest results will be revealed during 10 days after the Contest finishes and all checking procedures are completed. The winners shall send their photos and scanned ID copies by email: The winner acknowledges liability for any activity on the account opened by the Contest and Campaign Administration lying within the scope of the agreements and regulations of InstaForex Companies Group.

Prize money cannot be instaforex bonus 1500 usd from the account. Any profit made over the prize amount can be withdrawn. The Organizer reserves the right to declare any already given prize invalid and subject to cancellation upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds.

A trading account is charged off automatically at filing application for withdrawal. At considering the application specialists make sure that the balance and free margin comply with the amount of funds available for withdrawal. In case of incompliance the sum specified in the withdrawal application is instaforex bonus 1500 usd back to the account.

The Contest includes 4 steps and the final. Registration period for four Contest steps: The line of prizes for the first four steps of the Contest is the following: The line of prizes instaforex bonus 1500 usd the Contest Final is the following: Every trading account of InstaForex can participate in all steps of the Contest.

Only full-aged customers over 18 years old may participate in the Contest. Every Contest participant shall register on InstaForex website. Participation of close relatives in the same contest is forbidden. If the registration data of the Contestant's account coincides with the one of another Contestant, the Company has a right to regard this matching as a reason for disqualification. Initial deposit is USD for all participants and it cannot be changed.

Demo account is opened for every step of the Contest. Minimal trade instaforex bonus 1500 usd is 0. A step is 0. Maximal number of trades opened at the same time, including pending orders, is 5. After each Contest step finishes all deals are closed automatically at current prices. The biggest deposits holders will be pronounced as winners.

The Contest winners yield their names to be published. Residential data of participants can be published as well. Prize funds will be transferred to the real trading account specified at registration.

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