Straddle Strategy: A Simple Approach to Market Neutral

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Nfp spread hedging and otm binary straddle results you to the Apex community for coming up with there great strategies. Last NFP day got me some good results on hedging and straddles.

I could have got better results on the OTM binary because i bought the am binary. I wanted to give the binary some extra time to drop or rise further after the first NFP spikes. This trades will be on my monthly calender from this day on!! I see you placed your spread straddles at 7 AM, when did you place your binary hedge straddles?

Also, where you concerned with the binaries expiring nfp spread hedging and otm binary straddle results 11 AM leaving the spreads unprotected until 3 PM? Thanks Jeff, Most binaries i placed at 4am, i could have way'd till 15min before NFP to place the binaries to get the best price and catch the full spike but i didn't and thats a lesson for next time. All spreads protected each other so this was hedging of the spreads, not binary that protect the spread. It was never my intention to go to expiry with the binaries and spreads, i just set it up to get the spike of the NFP and get out of the trades.

I took the profit on the binaries and spreads that where profitable and left the others that already had a max loss on so they could get back into profit if the market reverses. Got it, I see the 4 AM trade time now for binaries and exiting once move takes place. Were those a reverse iron condor on the spreads? Normally we see buy the lower and sell the higher. In this case you sold the lower and bought the higher, is this the case? All went very well with this possible reverse iron condor strategy.

I bought as close to the floor for the up trend and as close to the ceilling for the down trend. Most times i exit the winning the trade after 1 hour the NFP run is over by than and could reverse after 1 hour and let the lost trade on because for 1, it is than already at max lost and i can't losse more money than that and 2, it can always get back and make a profit. YOU can do this and why you should. V, did you place a similar NFP trade this past wk?

If nfp spread hedging and otm binary straddle results, hopefully with same results. So just a pure bi-directional volatility trade. Not trying to collect time decay. Get Free Futures Data Link: Get Free Forex Data Link:

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