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Please, download and try the add-on before buying. Evaluation period is 12 days. Add-on for NinjaTrader 7 Trading Platform. Range Volume Profile RVP is a fairly universal profiling tool for NinjaTrader which can be used to plot both classic Daily sessional, weekly, etc volume profiles and adjustable profiles of custom time range.

The basic diagram below shows functional structure with the main capabilities of the add-on. Tick database and Minute data. Use 'Tick database' data for highest accuracy and 'Minute' data for faster start-up. The use of 'Minute' data source ninjatrader charts are blank particularly useful when working with long-term charts. Obviously, the delta calculations by the 'Up Tick vs Down Tick' technique is impossible when the chosen data source is 'Minute' data.

So, in this case the volume of Up bullish 1-minute bars will be considered as positive and the volume of Down bearish 1-minute bars will be considered as negative in delta calculations. Custom Range Profiles are adjustable: Locations and other settings of plotted Custom Range Profiles are savable as indicator Default settings, with Chart Template or Workspace.

RVP is able to plot volume profiles based on ticks filtered by Trade Size. RVP is able to cache real-time incoming tick data to disk. The caching system is user-transparent. Hence, it is essential that the historical tick data is loaded for your instrument. Ninjatrader charts are blank, in the most cases NinjaTrader automatically will load and save tick data, especially when you use such Period Types as Tick, Range or Renko. Just because NinjaTrader itself requires data with tick-granularity to plot bars or candles of such kinds.

However if you prefer to use Minute-based charts solely you can face the fact that NinjaTrader is too lazy to load tick data in its database, instead it will load data with 1-minute granularity. Just because 1-minute data is all that is needed for NinjaTrader to construct minute or Hour bars, for instance.

To be sure that you have tick data for your instrument you can ninjatrader charts are blank the following two ways: RVP has the "Path to NT tick data files" parameter that allows users to specify alternate path to NinjaTrader's "tick" folder by default it is something like C: This is the folder where NinjaTrader collects tick data files.

There is no necessity for most users to modify the "Path to NT tick data files" parameter. Therefore if you wish to use diferent 'Tolerance Interval' or 'Filter by Size' parameters for different kinds of profiles, then you should use two instances of RVP indicator with different settings on a chart.

Sets data type to be used for building the profiles. Notice that specified data source will be used to build al kinds of profiles. Tick Database — the indicator will use the data of tick-level granularity obtained directly from NinjaTrader tick data files or cache files.

Use 'Tick Database' for highest accuracy. Notice also that Range Volume Profile indicator needs some time to read and prepare tick data on start up. This loading time is imperceptible in the most cases, however when you use very large "Days to load" parameter value for your chart the time delay on start up may be noticeable.

Minute — the indicator will use data of 1-minute granularity like 1-minute bars. The ninjatrader charts are blank data source provides less accurate volume profiles but significanlty reduces loading time. Therefore it is particularly useful when working with long-term charts. The choice of data source has an effect on how the volume delta is being calculated.

The use of the 'Up Tick vs Down Ninjatrader charts are blank technique of delta calculations is impossible when the chosen data source is 'Minute'. Sets the mode of filtering by Trade Size. The filtering functionality is available only when the ninjatrader charts are blank data source is 'Tick Database'.

Filter settings has an effect on all kinds of profiles. Use multiple indicator instances on one chart to use different filtering settings with different profiles. Example of ninjatrader charts are blank on long-term chart.

Long-term chart of CL continuous futures based on tick data: In this way the enhancing the readability of a chart ninjatrader charts are blank achieved. Other Frame Settings are self explanatory enough: Volume Profile and Tick Profile have similar appearance settings. These settings specify the appearance of histogram bars and Value Area levels. Actually, in NinjaTrader you can use transparent ninjatrader charts are blank.

The common way to specify a Ninjatrader charts are blank property ninjatrader charts are blank NinjaTrader is to select one of the named colors from the list. For example, if you need semitransparent Red color then just type the ",0, 0" in the corresponding field.

In NinjaTrader you can change the z-order of price bars, indicator plots and other chart objects relatively to each other. Three kinds of profiles: Periodic Profiles can work in real-time as incoming real-time data is used to dynamically update current unfinished Profile. Drop-down menu provides quick access ninjatrader charts are blank high-usage settings in such a way that any changes will take immediate effect so you no more need to get into "Indicators" settings window. For example, you can change the mode of Periodic Profiles from 'Volume-based' to 'Tick-based' or turn off the plotting of Periodic Profiles at all just in a click.

Is there a way to separate Overnight session from RTH to get independent profiles for each on the same chart? Actually, the 'Sessional' periodicity option of Periodic Profiles is set by default is the most generic periodicity as it uses selected Session Template when building Periodic Profiles see '2. Thus, you can use custom Session Template to solve this task.

In NinjaTrader you can create quite complex session templates. This is powerful capability. For example, you can combine RTH and ETH ninjatrader charts are blank in one template that allows to display of Pit and Overnight volume profiles separately on the same chart see screenshot:.

So well, you should create your own template using these settings. After that select proper time zone for the just created blank template. As you can see, the CT time ninjatrader charts are blank is used in the example above. Then, add sequentially eth, rth, eth, rth,… session periods ninjatrader charts are blank your template. When you finish press OK, now you can use your new template for a Chart: Use All Bars — all data available on the chart will be used to build Composite Profile.

Specify Start Date And Time — the data older than ninjatrader charts are blank specified date and time will be left out of account when building Composite Profile. If enabled then Composite Profile will be updated real-time using incoming tick data. If you are new to NinjaTrader please watch these two short videos on how to download and install add-ons: Part I — How to install an indicator in NinjaTrader. Part II — Purchasing and license generation. Then if the installation was correct you will see the success message.

After that you can add installed indicator to your chart. Three types of profiles by underlying metric: Three kinds of profiles by type of time period: Draw as many adjustable Custom Range Profiles on a chart as you wish. Default shortcut key to toggle Ascetic mode: Tip How can you make your histograms to be semitransparent?

Tip What if a histogram overlaps candlestick chart? Tip Is there a way to separate Overnight session from RTH to get independent profiles for each on the same chart? For example, you can combine RTH and ETH sessions in one template that allows to display of Pit and Overnight volume profiles separately on the same chart see screenshot: On this screenshot we used custom Session Template that has the following settings: Then, add sequentially ninjatrader charts are blank, rth, eth, rth,… session periods in your template Sunday 5:

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On this page, you will find a broad listing of 3rd party applications, brokers and trading schools that all recognize the need for quality data in order to gain a trading edge.

The 3rd party applications understand that working with an easy yet powerful data feed API is critical to making a strong product available to their customers. The brokers listed here want their customers to get the best overall value while accepting only the fastest and most reliable data. Trading Schools choose DTN IQFeed because they can't afford for their students or teachers to be stuck without data during class or live trading and they want only the best data feeding their proprietary indicators.

These partners chose the best data feed in the industry and we recommend you choose one of these partners because they truly appreciate the profit potential a professional system can achieve.

Access to the various software vendors such as Investor RT, MarketDelta, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, SierraChart, eSignal, and many others Proprietary and free direct-access trading platform Specialized client services for the individual trader Unique client monitoring system to provide personalized assistance to traders including trade analysis Professional Trader FT71 monitored client only structured learning environment.

Homework, Chat Room, Webinars, Etc. High end auto-execution services. We do not discriminate traders by their trading activities or account size, and believe that every trader should receive the high quality service and benefits worldwide. Transworld Futures and Options was founded as a way of providing the personalized service and level of expertise not found elsewhere in the commodity futures industry.

Our team of qualified and experienced brokers will take the time and make the effort to assist you to succeed in your commodity trading plans. We will do our best to personally assign you with the one broker whose temperament and area of expertise is best suited to your commodity trading needs; whether a beginning trader, experienced veteran or somewhere in between.

Whichever method of trading you prefer; technical, fundamental, seasonal, position, swing or day trading, we will do our level best to place your account with the one broker who will assist you in maximizing your potential to succeed. Our slogan "a world ahead of the competition", is not an empty promise; it's our mission statement and the reason we are here. All we ask if for the chance to prove ourselves; we are here for you Infinity AT is ideal for you, if you are an active trader who focuses on day trading the electronic futures markets.

The platform is designed and supported, with you in mind, the active trader who demands speed and functionality. This ideology continues today. Take the Infinity challenge-- Run Infinity AT side by side with any platform or data vendor and you will see the transparent pricing for yourself. Functionality You are in charge of your trading and set the level of functionality that maximizes your trading techniques.

Whether you are a scalper and use single click order management or employ multiple target brackets with trailing stops strategies, Infinity AT is user friendly and fully customizable.

Vertically Integrated Infinity AT is hosted and supported at the clearing level with no third party software vendor getting in the way. Most importantly, everyone involved has a vested interest in the trading platform's reliability.

There may be a third party fee associated with Infinity charts. AlphaLogic is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and has developed its analytics in its own trading and in partnership with institutional clients. AlphaReveal surfaces key order flow and order book information and displays it in easy to read forms.

AlphaReveal makes tape reading instantly accessible to chart based traders and was purpose built to help traders achieve an optimal state of flow with the market.

AlphaReveal's visual depth of market display is a radical improvement over traditional DOM's found in other trading programs-- combining advanced level 2 analysis, historical order flow, and real-time order flow information in one display. AlphaReveal's powerful QuantTape TM , advanced time and sales display, processes the order flow using advanced algorithms. The QuantTape TM has aggregation, reconstruction, block, and ladder displays.

The QuantTape's reconstruction algorithms can be configured to use both price and millisecond accurate trade timing to reconstruct original order size, making it possible to look for large orders hitting the market while the levels ladder display makes it easy to see if the order flow is able to drive price or is being absorbed by limit order traders.

Additionally, OrderFlowDashPro offers truly valuable trading support for both new traders and professional traders with our Quantitative Advantage program. This data can then be loaded in programs like Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Save daily, intraday, or time and sales data and build up your own database.

Schedule downloads automatically or update your data files in real-time with QCollector timed updates. Alyuda Tradecision Product Description: Alyuda Tradecision is technical analysis software for professional traders. Tradecision includes the collection of practical features that can help you make better decisions, analyze markets, maximize profit, and develop your personal trading systems: Optuma is an advanced technical analysis package for advanced traders and educators.

Easy to customise and work with any time frame, 1 minute, 4 minute, minute etc. Our renowned Gann tool module features the Square of Nine and over 40 indicators dedicated to Gann analysis, time cycles and advanced Fibonacci. Download a free trial from www. Seer Trading Platform allows users to build, backtest, optimize, debug and auto-trade their own trading system. The trading system can be built using a wide range of inbuilt technical analysis indicators or you can construct your own.

Seer contains one of the worlds fastest backtesting engines and is able to perform true portfolio backtesting, use multiple time frames, use multiple systems while applying advanced risk and position management. Once a user is happy with their system Seer is able to deploy the system against a real-time feed and brokerage account for full stand alone automatic trading.

Our goal is to make you an independent professional day trader that invests only few minutes a day, enjoying a huge income that serve you as an extra income or as main income in what we believe is the best profession in the world. Option Workshop is a front end application for options analysis, options modelling and trading. The program allows traders to model, evaluate and test different trading strategies using charting and analytical tools, create customizable 'what-if' scenarios, and monitor the current state of the market.

Also, Option Workshop has robust functionality for working with orders. Charts can be created simultaneously for different strategies, and traders can compare them visually. Charts are highly-customizable 'What if' scenarios - Change implied volatility, days to expiry or the underlying asset price of an option to model it in thousands of potential scenarios.

Volatility and theoretical price charts - Option Workshop allows you to create volatility and theoretical price charts for options series. You can select what the chart displays, such as the range of strikes and the implied volatility that is displayed Market Maker - maintain bids and offers on any instrument.

It's logic is highly customizable. Delta Hedger - designed to keep the delta of a position of options within a desired range. The user may segregate some options positions in a separate subportfolio and hedge them independently.

Kairos, the nexus of ancient knowledge and modern technology, lets you research the cause of cycles in the markets. V-Zones Trading Method The V-zone trading method is a unique and Dynamic analysis approach that gives a precise trading map with precise trade locations giving you the skills to masterfully pick market turning point locations in any markets in any time frames with stunning accuracy.

This method has Revitalized Institutional concepts providing Predictions with precision giving the foresight many strive to achieve all their trading life. You will learn how to continually look for trade locations that provides the best trade opportunities that give the best reward with low risk.

This unique analysis approach takes supply and demand to the next level, using the concepts of the auction theory as its backbone but without the confusion. Optic Trading is an educational course built upon the principals of one-on-one support, coaching, examples, and tangible honest advice.

The curriculum is laid out in an easy to digest video format that accommodates the absolute beginner, as well as the seasoned professional. The program gives traders a complete education. Traders will understand risk and money management techniques, as well as setups and execution and the more advanced techniques. Getting on board trends early, reading strength in real time, and determining the likely day type before the day is even completed are just a few of the many advanced subjects covered in the program.

We have many years of experience with DTN IQFeed and can work with you to develop customized software to meet your specific needs -- anything from simple utilities to fully automated trading engines. We pride ourselves on confidentiality, reliability and personalized service. Please visit our website www. Jousef, holds a B. He witnessed a formula of numbers that keeps attracting the price back to them, a phenomenon he now calls trading magnets. Similar to black holes in space, the brackets pull or magnetize the price back to its origin, to the tick.

In and with the help of programmers, he developed an automated indicator called Trading Magnet, which was initially designed for futures markets such as Crude, Gold, and Indices but it works equally as well with stocks, options, and spot Forex markets. Today he trades his live account in front of students and teaches the exact same strategies and tape reading methods he used during the live trading competitions daily during his live trading room sessions at FuturesFx.

Please come check out a Free Trial in the live room and seeour daily results since January, Founded by a PhD mathematician, Hidden Force Flux offers a unique platform uncovering order flow events hidden to most traders.

Hidden Force Flux tracks and highlights these events in real-time, enabling traders to gain an informational advantage that can take their trading to the next level. Gain the edge-become a better informed trader with Hidden Force Flux. Prediction Point Trading provides advanced trading tools for active day traders and private funds including the highly reactive Prediction Point levels. This unique set of prices can be applied to virtually any trading strategy, style or system.

Start using tools that work and visit us today. At OrderFlowEdge our mission is to coach traders of all experience levels on how to utilize our proprietary Order Flow trading strategies in order to trade in the markets with a consistent edge. We train traders on how to understand and measure the driving force of the market…. We teach traders from all around the world and all levels of experience, from beginner to seasoned pro, how to understand and trade using supply and demand, order flow, and auction market principles.

Learn how to distinguish between opportunity and random noise. Learn how the smart money trades and what levels are important to them We follow multiple markets every trading day but narrow our focus down to trading only the markets that are currently offering the best opportunities. Each trading day we offer our members easy-to-follow stock trading videos that entail forecasted strategies, trends and patterns for our stock picks using technical analysis.

Our mission is always to provide easy-to-understand and the most actionable ideas through the world of technical analysis and stock trading to assist all individuals and organizations grow their wealth. After the Close, there's a recap of the trading session, which goes over the trade setups of the day and serves as a source of continuing trading education. Strategic Trading offers state of the art trading educational programs. The programs are developed by Dr.

Keppler a distinguished business professor and a leading educator in the Financial Markets. Our lead instructor Dr. Keppler brings an exceptional level of expertise and teaching experience to our programs that set our courses apart from all others. As experienced traders and professional educators, we also understand the full learning cycle. We know that simply attending a class alone is rarely sufficient for mastering new concepts and trading techniques.

Consequently, strategic trading includes coaching as an integral part of its educational experience. Professional traders and pros-in-the-making know that lasting success is dependent on proper education and dedicated mentorship.