Dubai real estate: which way will it go?

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Supply in the Dubai property market has been ahead of demand — but fears in the business capital of the UAE of an oversupply are unfounded going intoaccording to the latest research. Unitas Consultancy found in its report up to July that Dubai property housing stock has seen a compound annual growth rate CAGR of 7. Indeed, while Dubai property occupancy rates have remained relatively stable, the population per housing unit has fallen over the eight-year period, from 4.

This implies there are more single occupiers of units, potentially hinting at the greater affluence of the tenants or live-in owners. It could also indicate, however, a greater amount of units purchased by foreign investment, with the units empty. Dubai residents who traverse Sheikh Zayed Road everyday will be familiar with the barrage of property-related advertising on billboards and buildings.

New real estate options trading dubai forecast 2016 developments seem to be shooting up or at least promised in shiny CGI renderings real estate options trading dubai forecast 2016 secluded new neighbourhoods. Cranes still whirr, cement mixing trucks still deliver. But the Unitas figures show that an undersupply of Dubai housing stock has persisted for the last five years.

Assuming one unit is required for every four residents, last year saw the most significant undersupply, at 35, — more than five times the undersupply from the previous year. Oversupply evaporates when new projects fail to complete.

But this supply figure was slashed to just 16, the following year — reversing the surplus to a 1, deficit. Unitas stress that uncompleted projects are a major factor real estate options trading dubai forecast 2016 stress that: The Unitas study teases out some important shifts in where people are living. As ever, your IFA can give you an unfair advantage over the competition! And remember that Holborn Assets boasts a passionate mortgage team based in Dubai to talk you through financing options and put you in pole position via our due diligence process to be accepted by the top lenders.

As a UK expat with a pension, you probably will not have been amused to learn that not even the What are infrastructure funds? Infrastructure funds derive their income from infrastructure Should I buy Dubai property in ? Quite the reverse, in fact. Uncompleted projects Oversupply evaporates when new projects fail to complete.

This last point potentially points to a more stable housing market. In the last six months, sales prices have fallen 5. Rents in the capital fell 0. For buy-to let owners, gross residential yield remained steady at 7. Residential prices have slipped 0. Rents real estate options trading dubai forecast 2016 Dubai have fallen 0. Relatively steady as she goes in Dubai, it seems. Gross residential yields remained steady, month-on month, at 7.

Its market review, published in Februaryexpected areas of sales price increases by mid It expected a continued slowdown in sales prices in Abu Dhabi, however. For property buyers, this will include electrical appliances and furniture.

If the supply growth continues to outstrip population, that counter-intuitive undersupply may soon be addressed and prices likely will soften further. Negotiate rates, negotiate cheques — get the unit you want. The question then becomes: Remember to research carefully the payment terms and schedule and the reputation of the vendor!

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Market insight is the essential ingredient in all of the services we offer. We monitor trends and make projections to help you make critical decisions for your business's future. Our researchers are continuously sourcing and analysing data in in every major global market, helping you adapt to drivers outside your industry and region that could impact your business. With regular research reports covering major property types and the capacity to create custom reports tailored to your industry and specific needs, you'll be equipped to successfully buy, sell, lease or develop property with the best knowledge available.

The European outbound market is significant in the worldwide tourism industry; an estimated EUR billion was spent in on international travel according to Statista. The travel industry is constantly attempting to ease the passenger journey, where technological advances are being made at every stage. Flexibility in travel is key to enhancing the overall trip, and the below trends are focused on ensuring a more accommodating travel experience. The tourism industry in Egypt recorded strong growth in when compared with the previous year.

This is attributed to the current stable socio-economic climate in the country. While growth was witnessed across various visitation purposes and destinations in Egypt, the most notable growth was recorded in Cairo's corporate segment as well as leisure demand channeled towards remote red sea resorts.

This growth is expected to continue in off the back of government based tourism investments such as the new national museum and the opening of a number of international airports in the country. The growth in visitors is expected to continue as the government is investing heavily in tourism projects to diversify its income.

Oman has become a popular tourism hub, benefiting from eco, cultural and heritage attractions. UAE's primary hospitality markets recorded stable growth on the back of increased visitation despite declining average rates. In this market snapshot. UAE's primary hospitality markets are analysed.

Factors such as improved standards of living, rise in middle class spending, preference for leisure holidays and emerging new destinations have boosted the growth of luxury tourism. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the spa and wellness market in the five analysed GCC countries has continued its growth trajectory to achieve over 2.

Despite the slowdown in economic growth, the spa and wellness industry has shown resilience and retains a positive outlook. Colliers outlines the evolution of supply, occupancy rates and airport passenger movements in the graphs below, complemented by five-year forecasts. Considering historical trends and future projects, Saudi Arabia is expected to be a hot spot in the region with a lot of potential new opportunities opening up in the tourism sector, across the value chain.

The Kingdom's diversification plans, new visa programs and large-scale projects are expected to contribute to the growth in tourism, for both business and leisure tourism. Ain Dubai, the world's largest ferris wheel is nearing completion. Muscat's new international airport is expected to open in Saudi Arabia announced the Red Sea tourism project in encompassing 50 islands. The list goes on. The region is investing in its long term sustainability and success.

The world is chasing the outbound Chinese tourism market. Governments around the world are looking into different ways to attract them. China now enjoys visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival in 80 countries. According to forecasts by Chinese authorities. UK foreign travelers comprise a significant source market for countries all over the world who are trying to increase visitation to their shores. The global travel industry is growing, led by the Asian travellers.

The average spending per trip by Indian travellers have also increased. With over 65 million passport holders in India, it is expected that its outbound travel growth will be driven by the middle-income households rather than the higher-income as the middle-income households are expected to grow to nearly 20 percent 58 million of the total households by while higher income will represent just less than 3 percent 6. According to the World Tourism Organization CWTO" , sustainable tourism is "tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.

This is expected to increase as new 5-star supply comes online. There have been a number of recent reports and articles that schools in Dubai are expected to struggle to attract new students, will have difficulty maintaining current enrollment levels and that some schools may even close.

Much of the commentary is based on the cost of education in the UAE. Egypt is the most populous Arab country in the world with With a population growth rate of 2. Overall, the Abu Dhabi and Dubai spa market demonstrated stable performance in H1 Key performance indicators have remained steady over the last three years, indicating a maturing spa market capable of absorbing new supply and a bright outlook for the remainder of This paper discusses the hotel development process beyond the execution of the hotel management agreement.

The paper will focus on the sub-Saharan African countries and will assess the hotel development process, the role of the hotel operator, common challenges and recommended solutions to overcome the these challenges. In September , Colliers had published "The True African Opportunity", which explored the opportunities for hotel development in sub-Saharan Africa; and in this paper Colliers has moved a step further by examining how to successfully execute the hotel development process.

In each of the cities. The recent 5-Star hotel additions reinstates the city's growing opportunity for midmarket hotels. What does a Waitrose supermarket, water views and high performing schools have in common? They all contribute to attracting price premiums on property values. Dubai's hotel performance is consistently among the best in the world alongside some of the key global cities such as New York, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. Tourism is one of Ras Al Khaimah's most important economic sectors and is considered a key engine for continued GDP growth and job creation.

The current edition of the publication includes key updates from the previous issue, Ras Al Khaimah - The Emirate of Opportunities, paying particular attention to the growing beach resort market. Marriott International and Accor remain the key international players with over 5, keys combined. Healthcare systems and facilities continue to improve across the region with investors and operators introducing new trends and standards to improve and enhance healthcare services in the region.

In Saudi Arabia, the healthcare market is growing thanks to the convergence of three factors; demand from a growing population base, an increasing elderly population and the rapid growth of the private insurance healthcare market.

The Chinese tourist is single-handedly improving countries' tourism industries examples include Australia, Japan, and Iceland. Chinese tourists are today exhibiting a greater propensity for travel abroad, and have even travelled during slow economic times, positioning them as a reliant source market, constantly generating inflows. Chinese and Indian travellers have been recognized as the mega source markets for outbound tourism globally. Although neighboring countries, they have distinctively different cultural and behavioral patterns influencing their travel and spending patterns.

Understanding and catering to these cultural and behavioral patterns can help the GCC countries to attract them.

Culture tourism is multifaceted, and involves sharing the destination country's local traditions, history, art, music, cuisine, literature and religion. This may involve a wide range of activities from visiting historic sites, monuments and exhibitions, attending festivals and performances to participating in traditional cooking classes, dances and going on a safari.

The retail industry is one of the fasting growing sectors in the region, with UAE as one of the major players in the region, attracting a large number of visitors due to its wide offering. Evolving consumer lifestyles and a growing number of tourists have benefited the retail sector. Dubai has set high standards for all GCC cities, which also aim to expand their retail and leisure tourism offerings. Kuwait's hospitality industry is an evolving one.

In a bid to evolve tourism in Kuwait, the state is taking efforts to develop the leisure and medical tourism markets, with several new developments in the pipeline. According to reports, the Kuwait government intends to spend USD 1 billion for promoting tourism over the years up to The government also plans to setup the 'Supreme Commission for Tourism' to initiate its tourism strategy. In each of the cities, we provide asset price estimates for 5 and 4 star hotels, in both the primary and secondary markets.

Doha has seen an influx of more than 1. While significant supply is expected to enter the 5-star and 4-star segments over the next few years, some delays are expected, which leaves more time for the market to absorb the new supply. Regis Cairo, further widening the gap between the 5-Star segment and quality affordable lower tier hotels. Oman's tourism industry has experienced a strong growth over the past few years, and this is expected to continue as the government is investing heavily on tourism and other related infrastructure to diversify its income.

Although the country faces significant competition from other popular regional destinations, Oman has been able to distinguish itself as a unique tourism hub, being home to many eco, cultural and heritage including 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites attractions. Following the announcement of Saudi Vision and with the objective to increase tourism's role, it is expected that there will be an increased focus on leisure, religious and domestic tourism.

The UAE saw continued strong growth in tourism demand in , building on its strong fundamentals, and a growing variety of hotel supply. In this market snapshot, UAE's hospitality markets are analysed, comparing performance, supply breakdown and pipelines. With Vision identifying the potential for entertainment and cultural development, and with significant growth forecast in domestic tourism, is Saudi Arabia set to see an unprecedented growth in its leisure and cultural offer?

Situated in the Indian Ocean, four 4 key destinations, namely Republic of Maldives, Mauritius, Zanzibar and Seychelles have gained the reputation of being leading vacation spots globally. Theme parks typically require significant capital investments, and the return on that investment is dependent upon the ability of parks to attract as many visitors as possible, new and returning clientele.

In order to actively promote tourism, several countries in the Middle East are incorporating the development of theme parks as a key element in national plans, a component for many leading family tourism destinations.

Colliers lnternational's internal database of projects across Saudi Arabia form the basis of the Cost Models required to build our benchmarking. A cost model provides a consolidated construction cost image of a proposed development type, however, each cost model has to be normalized and index linked.

Doha has seen an influx of more than 1, keys over the last one year, primarily in the 5-star segment. However, no new supply was introduced into the Doha market in 03 The launch of Steigenberger El Tahrir and Westin Golf Resort, Katameya Dunes was witnessed in the past few months, adding more than keys to the 5-star branded market in Cairo.

In September Kent College Canterbury, advised by Colliers, opened its doors in Dubai completing a process that is the culmination of a significant amount of time and planning for entry into the competitive and profitable private education sector within the United Arab Emirates UAE. The Sub-Saharan African region has a population close to 1 billion people. Relying on business from in-house guests may limit the potential of hotel restaurants to generate higher returns. Doha saw an influx of hotel keys in Q2 Supply is expected to grow at a strong pace, with a large pipeline over the next few years.

Cairo has historically experienced delays in hotel development, with a number of planned projects placed on hold indefinitely.

The overall quarterly index registered no major change in Q1 , standing at index points. Togo, is a narrow land mass of 57, sq. Forthcoming pipeline in Cairo is primarily in the 5-star segment, indicating development opportunities of hotels with a midscale positioning.

Cairo hotels are on average 22 years old, with 3-star hotels being even more outdated 31 years old. There is a clear gap between the demand for modern facilities from the growing younger generations Y and Z