How to Install .bin file (Linux/Ubuntu/CentOS)

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The problem you are facing is this: Recently, you have upgraded your installation of Linux to a newer version. You have recycled your home directory, as it contains many useful programs and games. However, since the upgrade these programs no longer work. When you try to run then, you get the file not found error. You may suspect you are facing permissions and file attributes problems, like the executable bit, but you can obviously see that it's not that.

Something else is afoot, and you're not quite sure what to do. This short tutorial will teach you how to approach problems revolving around executable binaries and making them work again. As mentioned earlier, you are facing a silly situation. Let's say you have a game, like Enemy Territory Quake Wars, which worked marvelously on Lucidbut now seems to stutter on Pangolin.

And by stutter, I mean, it won't start at all. Yes, you did your homework, the file has the proper permission, it's where it ought to be. But for some reason, the shell throws the file not found error. And no, you're not having any BASH problems ethers, because other stuff and some custom script or even other programs and games work just fine.

You need to figure what's wrong. The best way to handle binary files is to figure out if there's anything wrong with these files. To that end, you will want to use the file command, which we mentioned in my Linux cool hacks tutorials, all four of them, links below.

If the command returns output that reads ELF something executable, you are ok. But then, read the whole thing. Is this a bit or a bit executable? Is it dynamically linked, that is, does it use shared libs?

This will give you the direction you need. If you're using bit libs on bit systems, this might be the problem you're facing. Moreover, if the binary uses shared libraries, then you will want to use the ldd command to check whether the binary is linked correctly. But that's not true. We know this is a dynamically linked executable. We know that it used to work just fine in previous versions of our operating system. And yes, please verify that you're not running ldd against a wrapper script, because it is not an executable.

If the system reports an executable is not an executable, you are most likely missing the correct version of libraries, all of them, for your binary. This usually happens when you try to run bit programs on bit systems.

We do that - example shown on Linux Mint 13 Maya:. Cool hacking tutorials - parts onetwothreeand four. There you go, short, simple and handy. This guide teaches you not only how to overcome a small nuisance resulting from an upgrade, but it also highlights the way of thinking and isolating your problems.

We used a small number of commands, like file and ldd, and yet we gained an abundance of information that helped narrow down the issue and come with a quick solution. You get a bit of everything here, system upgrade woes, figuring out permissions, checking file type, architecture and linking, correlating to ldd output before and after the upgrade, installing several libraries, and doing all of that from the command line.

Plus you get a wealth of tips and tricks listed in six other tutorials, all of which should help you master your Linux box and gain additional confidence in resolving system issues.

That would be all. Linux file not found error for binaries that worked! You may also like:

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A binary file is a computer file that is not a text file. Binary files are usually thought of as being a sequence of bytes , which means the binary digits bits are grouped in eights. Binary files typically contain bytes that are intended to be interpreted as something other than text characters. Compiled computer programs are typical examples; indeed, compiled applications are sometimes referred to, particularly by programmers, as binaries. But binary files can also mean that they contain images, sounds, compressed versions of other files, etc.

Some binary files contain headers , blocks of metadata used by a computer program to interpret the data in the file. The header often contains a signature or magic number which can identify the format. For example, a GIF file can contain multiple images, and headers are used to identify and describe each block of image data. If a binary file does not contain any headers, it may be called a flat binary file.

To send binary files through certain systems such as email that do not allow all data values, they are often translated into a plain text representation using, for example, Base The increased size may be countered by lower-level link compression, as the resulting text data will have about as much less entropy as it has increased size, so the actual data transferred in this scenario would likely be very close to the size of the original binary data.

See Binary-to-text encoding for more on this subject. A hex editor or viewer may be used to view file data as a sequence of hexadecimal or decimal, binary or ASCII character values for corresponding bytes of a binary file. If a binary file is opened in a text editor , each group of eight bits will typically be translated as a single character, and the user will see a probably unintelligible display of textual characters.

If the file is opened in some other application, that application will have its own use for each byte: Other type of viewers called 'word extractors' simply replace the unprintable characters with spaces revealing only the human-readable text.

This type of view is useful for quick inspection of a binary file in order to find passwords in games, find hidden text in non-text files and recover corrupted documents.

If the file is itself treated as an executable and run, then the operating system will attempt to interpret the file as a series of instructions in its machine language. Standards are very important to binary files. For example, a binary file interpreted by the ASCII character set will result in text being displayed. A custom application can interpret the file differently: Binary itself is meaningless, until such time as an executed algorithm defines what should be done with each bit, byte, word or block.

Thus, just examining the binary and attempting to match it against known formats can lead to the wrong conclusion as to what it actually represents. This fact can be used in steganography , where an algorithm interprets a binary data file differently to reveal hidden content.

Without the algorithm, it is impossible to tell that hidden content exists. Two files that are binary compatible will have the same sequence of zeros and ones in the data portion of the file. The file header, however, may be different. The term is used most commonly to state that data files produced by one application are exactly the same as data files produced by another application.

For example, some software companies produce applications for Windows and the Macintosh that are binary compatible, which means that a file produced in a Windows environment is interchangeable with a file produced on a Macintosh. This avoids many of the conversion problems caused by importing and exporting data. One possible binary compatibility issue between different computers is the endianness of the computer. Some computers store the bytes in a file in a different order.

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