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Varsity is an easy to grasp collection of stock market lessons technical analysis in future and option trading+free books in-depth coverage and illustrations. A box set of 5 books introducing 5 financial concepts to children. Brought to you by Varsity Zerodha. Where does money come from and where does it go? The innocent inquisitiveness of children is what makes them most endearing.

Help your little ones understand the financial world through simple stories that make learning fun. We would be skimming the surface of some higher order statistical theory. I will try my best and stick to pra. I hope the previous chapter gave you a basic understanding of linear regression and how one can conduct the linear regression operation on two sets of data, on MS Excel. To keep things simple, we took a very basic example to explain how two varia.

In this chapter, we will work towards. I'm glad to know new learning with your guidance. Seriously Its very educative and informative. Thanks for Enlightenment us. Hi Karthik, Thanks a lot for these tutorials. They are of immense help. I really appreciate your efforts to share knowledge in the most simple ad lucid way possible: What is the time frame for Technical analysis predictions. Hi We opened a Partnership account with Zerodha in March Recently, found that the contract notes issued are not in name of Partnership firm they are issued in the name of Partner.

Also, in profile Account name and DOB of partner is technical analysis in future and option trading+free books What is price of one share called? Thanks to you and varsity team. Hi Karthik Thanks a lot for that advice. The next step that I am doing is equity research, and I have decided to pick Eicher Motors for that.

When I am trying to see the growth in revenue and PAT, the data is not even. As in, I think there was a Stock markets, trading, and investments — Simplified Varsity is an easy to grasp collection of stock market lessons with in-depth coverage and illustrations.

Money needs to be invested to cover the cost of Inflation. This opens us to the Stock Markets, learn about basics of investing in this module. Technical Analysis helps identify trading opportunities using actions of Market Participants through charts, patterns, and indicators.

Fundamental Analysis is the art of evaluating the intrinsic value of a stock to find long-term investing opportunities. Learn stock analysis in this module. Technical analysis in future and option trading+free books Trading involves trading in contracts in the derivatives markets. This module covers the various intricacies involved in undergoing a futures trade including margins, leverages, pricing, etc.

Options is technical analysis in future and option trading+free books contract where the price of the options is based on an underlying. Options contracts grant the buyer the right to buy the underlying without a compulsory obligation.

The module covers various options strategies that can be built with a multi-dimensional approach based on Market trend involving Option Greeks, Risk-Return, etc. This module covers Currency and Commodity contract offered in the Indian Markets, along with a detailed view of some of the most traded contracts in the segment.

The module covers the risk management aspect along with the psychology required for being consistent and profitable while trading. Finance made easy for kids A box set of 5 books introducing 5 financial concepts to children. Chapter updates 3 Karthik Rangappa authors and curates Varsity for Zerodha. He has more than a decade of research experience in the financial markets, and travels widely conducting educational programmes.

Don't have a Zerodha account? Introduction to Stock Markets 14 chapters 2. Technical Analysis 20 chapters 3. Fundamental Analysis 16 chapters 4. Futures Trading 12 chapters 5. Options Theory for Professional Trading 23 chapters 6.

Option Strategies 13 chapters 7. Markets and Taxation 7 chapters 8. Trading Systems 11 chapters.

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