[TUTORIAL] Introduction to the TF2 Economy and Steam Trading

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I bought the Square Enix surprise box, and frankly apart from Murdered I don't need these games and tf2 trading guide for noobs rather own Tomb Raider or some other game. I never traded in my life. Tf2 trading guide for noobs know there's SteamTrades, and I browsed the trading guide and generally understand how things go, but I have no tf2 trading guide for noobs if that's the best place to trade.

Any tips would be appreciated. Here are a few specific questions:. There are other great sites - for example TF2Outpost or Dispenser. TF but these are mainly for gift trading. Majority of your potential traders won't have the game you requested, but all of them will have TF2 keys. You will have to "go first". AKA - you send the ey first, trader activates it and if it works pays you. To avoid scammers trade this way only with high rep traders. And be awae that key trading is done on your own risk.

If you trade be sure to check steam user you're going to trade with - especially if he's not impersonating some high-rep trader being a scammer himself. Go to his ST profile, click to go to Steam Profile and mae sure it's the same profile ID that the one that added you for trade.

Just to keep it simple, don't accept invites unless they've commented in that thread. Steamtrades is a good place to start trading.

Only deal with people with good amount of rep. Also check if the user who added you is infact the user with the rep and not an impersonator. You can specify what games you have and want but it can be difficult to find user who has the game you want and wants the game you have. So you can go the key route.

You'll have to use Steam chat for trades. People won't be willing to go first because of no rep so you'll have to find someone trustworthy. See Steamtrades rep, steam level etc. In my 10 and only trades done in Steamtrades, it involved GMG keys from me and steamgifts from traders. Tf2 trading guide for noobs I only have 10rep. People with keys always usually go first when they have lower rep than the person trading with in most cases.

Lot of trust, cross-referencing SteamRep though it's not very useful from what I hearprofile checking plus common sense. It's probably easier to trade your game keys for tf2 keys and then trade those for that game you want than directly finding someone who would trade you a specific game for other game keys.

Unless it's all from bundles, in which case those trades are not as hard to find. This minimizes the chance of getting scammed. Once you have accumulated some rep, you can ask for the other party to go first in a trade. Always check if the person you're trading with is who the claim they are Enhanced Steam addon will help you find their ST profile, see if it leads to the same accountimpersonators are sadly not a rare thing. Also, check if they are marked as a scammer on SteamRep another thing more easily found with Enhanced Steam installed.

A lot of screenshots. Of the trade thread offers, chat leading up to trade and trade itself. Hopefully, you won't need them as proof ever of scam, scam attempt, other party breaking an agreement etcbut you never know. This is not so hard to understand This isn;t rocket sience. Only thing I can say be wary of scammers links, you going first with game key, people offering you like a lot in paypal they're imposters, sometimes Just a tip.

When someone gives you really good offer,but you have to go first in trade and he shows that his steamtrades profile has high rep, just check, if he is the one added in your friend list. They have changed their picture and nickname to the high rep persons You can check, if they are legit 1.

He will obviously say that it;s a bug maybe it is, but better not trust it. If you have enchanted steam addon, on his steam profile there you can click on steamtrades profile and check, if tf2 trading guide for noobs profile he gave you is the real one.

BTW, check steamrep too. So if you're suggesting TF2 keys, what values should I ask for or can expect? I don't know the prices for those games, but I've started trading recently and what I usually do is check almost every other trader that is trading the game I have and how much is asking. In addition, I read the comments looking for people asking for the game, to know if it's tradable at that price or not and if I can expect a little more for it.

English is not my native language and I've just noticed that I've overused some words. I am saying try buying it for 1. If you don;t do that and take a price like 4 keys, but everyone is asking like 2 or Tf2 trading guide for noobs not gonna sell it. So single game from the package wil go for keys. I say you'll get 2 keys fr Thief but wouldn't count on more tan 1 key for Nosgoth. BTW, if you have really high rep everyone will buy from you.

Well I like put a price 3 keys, while the higher rep one has 4 keys. Everyone goes for the higher rep one, even when the price is higher I think that in your case it's less due to low rep, you have 4 -rep all from different tf2 trading guide for noobs and all of them calling you rude.

I can tf2 trading guide for noobs speak for myself but if I was looking for a certain game and your listing shows up in my search another big point, you gotta make sure you list the game as something people will look for and not some abbreviation only hardcore players know I'd most likely go with another higher priced trader, here's why:. It's true that people completely new tf2 trading guide for noobs trading tend to go for high rep traders nowadays with scammer stories everywhere but anyone who has traded before will go for your deal as long as there's not too many warning signs.

Hope this wall of text is of any use to you, I know trading can be really frustrating at times especially when dealing with stuff out of your control like -rep removal, in any case good luck in your future trades! You didn't have to go through that trouble writing this About 4 I got them like 1 week ago and didn;t want to remove them I have 1 -rep saying I scammed him, but I haven't even talked to him And last time online is like 6 months ago You have 2 similar -rep.

Kinda weird that I have an imposter, probably just some revenge -rep tf2 trading guide for noobs his friend asked to do, because i don;t see anyone with a nickname akfas on steam, besides me.

And google only puts out me. It's no trouble really, I figured since this is a "new to trading thread" others might have some use for that info if they stumble upon this thread as well. P About impersonators, they change their nick every so often and rotate the users they impersonate so it's really hard to find any that have impersonated you in the past, best is to check your own steamrep every couple weeks or so to make sure you don't have any pending reports tied to your account due to an impersonator.

Oh and I'd highly advice you to set your profile comments to friends only, that way people you've traded with can rep you yet you won't get spam messages, this should also save you from harassment in case someone gets scammed by an impersonator of yours without realizing it's an impersonator. You also should use multiple trade sites to maximize your profits and minimize loses like i.

Backpack tf,TF2Outpost and Bazaar tf is good. I even had a trader like this. It should be ignored completely! It's just too easy to fake. While most of the time it will be easier to trade your game s for TF2 keys and turn those keys into games you'd be interested in, you might happen to find someone looking for you game and who happen to have the game you want.

Look for that first and if you can't find anyone, then go with the second option. For example, on my ST thread I'm looking for Thief and have Tomb Raider, so that would be a match to at least one of your games. Stick to people with high reputation especially in the beginning.

Until you get the hang of things, you're at least less likely to run into a scammer that way. Always double check to make sure whoever you're speaking to is the same person that owns the rep page. Always follow the link from the ST profile to the user's account. Please don't tell people how to exploit the bundle system. Bundle keys are for personal, non commercial use. Trading them and thus circumventing limited bundle offers is gaming the system.

Hopefully HB and other bundle sites will do something to prevent greedy people like you trying to rob the devs of their money. I'm still kind of a noob a touch under 50 repand one thing I've done when trading keys was to look for people who had their own threads, saying they wanted my game s rather than makimg a thread to advertise. Yep, it can take longer to find someone, but I think it's safer. You get the benefit of tf2 trading guide for noobs able to fully screen your buyer and can really take your time over it before you even make contact with them.

On top of that I also righly or wrongly believe that scammers would for the most part seek to scam anyone they could. Tf2 trading guide for noobs a person has named the games they are interested in and were to actually be a scammer, they'd be reducing their potential number of victims. As tf2 trading guide for noobs, I think it's less likely that they'd be a scammer than a random person who replied to a thread of mine, but maybe that's what they want me to think, lol.

I'm not saying tf2 trading guide for noobs people with their own trade thrteads are instantly trustwothy, and I still very much do my homework. Thanks for all the help guys. Looks to me like the easiest course of action would be not to try to trade. Might as well just keep Thief and make giveaways from the lower cost games. Discussions Uncategorized Trade noob: Here are a tf2 trading guide for noobs specific questions: What's the best place to try trading?

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Posted August 28, , Updated August 28, , Permalink. Well wonder no more! With that out of the way, I must unfortunately share a little more bad news. Profit opportunities are in small volume, the risk profile for trading is often very high, and the time opportunity cost of seeking out profits typically amounts to sub-minimum wage rates.

Despite those downers, free money is free money, and over time even small profits can net you the occasional awesome five dollar game.

It so happens that there is not any real physical market for Steam where traders in cool jackets yell offers for DOTA Compendium points or scribble notes about Pyro Trading Card futures while they chug Red Bulls… although plenty of money is changing hands. Steam does however provide some nifty tools that give you something of the same effect when you are dealing with items that have been classified as commodities. On Steam as in real life , commodities are any item that is sufficiently common that large quantities of them are traded and purchasers are primarily motivated by price since the items are identical.

Be sure that whenever you are selling a commodity, you do so from the Commodity interface as shown in the picture. This will give you the most information about existing offers, volume, and trading history. Trades are happening in extremely high volume, especially during sales, and those stats will often not update fast enough for you to benefit from changing trends.

If you need to sell something fast, the Steam suggest prices is likely to move it, but if you can afford to wait and you almost always can , then look closely at the existing cheapest competitive offer and consider pricing higher than that.

Chances are, the natural variation in price will cause your item to sell before long, sometimes almost instantly. Can you really even LIVE without these hats? At this point in the maturity of the Steam Marketplace, it is possible to earn a ton of items for doing literally nothing. Trading cards are earned simply by spending time with a game window open, and many in game items like TF2 hats are earned the same way. Pro Tip When considering to sell Trading Cards, take a minute to consider the opportunity cost of holding on to them.

Cards for these types of games are worth very little, but when combined into badges during sales, they will net you additional loot which has a chance of being worth more.

This means it is sometimes more profitable to buy or better yet trade to get a few cards to complete a set before a sale, and then craft the badge during the sale.

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