Haskayne students stand out in national options trading competition

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February 7, 7: Toronto retail investors interested in learning more about options strategies are tmx options trading simulation offered a chance to pre-register for Options Education Day, which comes to Toronto Feb.

Options Education Day is held four times a year, twice in Toronto and once in Vancouver and Montreal. The Toronto sessions are the largest, offering space for up to investors. The beginners package provides an introduction to options trading, terminology, essential concepts and an overview of basic options strategies.

The second package is tailored to investors with greater options investment knowledge — those who may already be familiar with Greeks, butterfly spreads and iron condors, but want more practical instruction in how to execute these strategies and how to protect their portfolios in a volatile market.

Advanced sessions are increasingly attracting investment advisors who are looking to assist their clients by learning the newest twists on options strategies.

Possibly the earliest example of options buying hails back to the ancient Greek mathematician Thales of Miletus. When Thales got wind of a predicted bumper olive harvest, he paid a premium to purchase the rights, but not the obligation, to rent a significant number of olive presses later on.

He exercised his options during the record olive tmx options trading simulation, renting out presses for a small fortune. Employing it can add value to a portfolio in each of these markets. Education helps investors to understand the risks associated with each strategy. Participants will learn the importance of developing repair and exit strategies before they begin to invest in options, when to utilize long and short options tmx options trading simulation when to buy more or do nothing.

Instructors also emphasize a thorough understanding of how the premium of an option is valued and calculated. Launched in September of last year, this virtual trading platform enables investors to execute options trading strategies under real-life market conditions. The smartphone-compatible simulator complements other educational tools offered by MX, including training tutorials on web-based m-x.

It returns to Toronto Sept. Dario Ayala for Postmedia News. Tmx options trading simulation to Financial Post. Investment timing is also critical.

Not that long ago lithium was the it-mineral but miners are finding it harder to raise capital now that fears of over-estimated electric-car uptake have tmx options trading simulation onto the scene. Maryanne and Albert can have a very comfortable retirement if they maintain their modest way of life for another two decades. If you are not astronaut material, fear not, Aurora Station, billed as the "first luxury hotel in space," may be for you. Find Financial Post on Facebook.

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