Target Will Give You $200 for a First-Gen iPad

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Whether or not the third-generation Apple iPad is "resolutionary" It's sometimes hard not to want Apple's latest gadget.

Trade in options for ipad 1st gen, however, you already own a first generation iPad a. Apple is now offering trade-ins. Trade-in isn't entirely accurate. If you go through the process of pre-ordering a new iPad — which officially goes on sale at retail stores tomorrow — at Apple's web site you won't find a single link to an upgrade or trade-in offer.

Instead, you need to visit Apple's Reuse and Recycle page. The iPad is a part of it and you can choose to turn in your "iPad" or "iPad 2".

It's hard to say how that list will change when Apple someday releases an iPad 4. Will the "iPad" listing become "iPad 1" so as not to be confused with the current new "iPad"? The iPad recycling program is quite simple. You need only answer a series of questions that will assess the current value of your aging Apple tablet.

The credit comes on an Apple Gift Card — but you can still apply it to the purchase of a new iPad. Turning over an iPad 2 will net you even more cash. Less full-featured iPads with some wear and tear on them can net you considerably less. In all instances shipping and packaging are free. Obviously, there are other options for trading in your old Apple hardware. In my house, it's far more likely that I'll pass down my iPad 1 to my son or daughter and then trade in options for ipad 1st gen the new iPad with 64 GB of storage.

Let us know in the comments. We're using cookies to improve trade in options for ipad 1st gen experience. Click Here to find out more. Entertainment Like Follow Follow. Hands On with the Trade in options for ipad 1st gen iPad: First Impressions Turning over an iPad 2 will net you even more cash. Sharp Display A closeup of that image. Home Screen The new home screen of the newest iPad. Icons The Retina Display really makes the icons pop out. Safari Multiple tabbed browsing on the iPad.

Camera The camera on the back, that supports 5MP and p video. Hands On Other reporters playing with the new iPad. A Bright Display The amount of pixels in the display is incredibly high, and it shows. Movies This picture barely captures how great movies look on the new display.

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