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Perceptual attraction in tool use: Journal of Neurophysiology4 How social and refractory is the social psychological refractory period? Experimental Psychology64 4 Response preparation, response conflict, and the effects of irrelevant flanker stimuli. Advances in Cognitive Psychology13 1 Financial incentives ubungen computer binaroperationen adaptation to a sensorimotor transformation.

Experimental Brain Research10 Mental representations of magnitude and order: A dissociation by sensorimotor learning. Acta Psychologica, Explicit and implicit components of visuo-motor adaptation: An analysis of individual differences. Consciousness and Cognition33 Robot assistance of motor learning: Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews56 Journal of Motor Behavior47 3 The coding of repetitions and alternations in action sequences: Psychological Research79 3 The impact of response frequency on spatial stimulus-response correspondence effects.

Conscious awareness of action potentiates sensorimotor learning. Cognition1 Frontal theta activity reflects distinct aspects of mental fatigue. Biological Psychology96 Modality-specific organization in the representation of sensorimotor sequences. Frontiers in Psychology Online Journal4No. Generalization of adaptation to a complex visuo-motor transformation across the workspace. Behavioural Brain Research, 63? Age-related variations in the control of electronic tools. Tool use in action: The mastery of complex visuomotor transformations.

Foundations of an emerging discipline pp. Vision and proprioception in action monitoring by young and older adults. Neurobiology of Agingubungen computer binaroperationen 7 Motor skill learning and neuro-rehabilitation. Specificity of motor learning in simulator training of endoscopic-surgery skills. Ergonomics55 Adaptation to ubungen computer binaroperationen visuo-motor transformations: Further evidence of functional haptic neglect.

Experimental Brain Research, A progression of approximations to internal models of complex visuo-motor transformations. Human Movement Science31 ubungen computer binaroperationen? Psychological Research76 The influence of the dynamic transformation of a sliding lever on aiming errors. Neuroscience, Robotic guidance benefits the learning of dynamic, but not of spatial movement characteristics.

The influence of haptic guidance on the production of spatio-temporal patterns. Human Movement Science31 Enhanced mechanical transparency during practice impedes open-loop control of a complex ubungen computer binaroperationen. Generalization of implicit and explicit adjustments to visuo-motor rotations across the workspace in younger and older adults. Journal of Neurophysiology, Implicit and explicit adjustments to extrinsic visuo-motor transformations and their age-related changes.

Human Movement Science30 Active error corrections enhance adaptation to a visuo-motor rotation. Experimental Brain Research1 The Death of Handwriting: Journal of Motor Behavior43 3 Type of visual feedback during practice influences the precision of the acquired internal model of a ubungen computer binaroperationen visuo-motor transformation.

Ergonomics54 1 Adaptation to a direction-dependent visuomotor gain in the young and elderly. Psychological Research ubungen computer binaroperationen, 74 1 Implicit and explicit components of dual adaptation to visuomotor rotations. Ubungen computer binaroperationen and Cognition19 4 The impact of augmented information on visuo-motor adaptation in younger and older adults. The effects of mechanical transparency on adjustment to a complex visuomotor transformation at early and late working age.

Journal of Experimental Psychology - Applied16 4 Trajectories in ubungen computer binaroperationen a ubungen computer binaroperationen tool. Adaptation to a nonlinear visuomotor amplitude transformation with continuous and terminal visual feedback. Journal of Motor Behavior40 5 Adaptation to direction-dependent visuo-motor rotations and its decay in younger and older adults.

Acta Psychologica2 Adaptation to visuomotor rotations in younger and older adults. Psychology and Aging23 1 Constraints on visuo-motor adaptation depend on the type of visual feedback during practice.

Does a tool eliminate spatial compatibility effects? European Journal of Cognitive Psychology20 2 Sensomotorische Adaptation und Erwerbsalter. Learning new visuo-motor gains at early and late working ubungen computer binaroperationen. Ergonomics50 7 Control of the dominant and nondominant hand: Exploitation and taming of nonmuscular forces.

Experimental Brain Research3 Wohin soll sich die Fachkultur der Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie entwickeln? The configuration and relaxation of motor task sets.

Psychological Research71 5 Spatial compatibility effects with tool use. Human Ubungen computer binaroperationen49 4 Arbeitseinstellungen, Wohlbefinden und Leistung. Eine Zusammenhangsanalyse auf Organisationsebene. Self-control demands, cognitive control deficits, and burnout.

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology60 12 Arbeitsbewegungen und motorische Fertigkeiten. Multiple frames of reference for bimanual co-ordination. Simultaneous specification of amplitudes and ubungen computer binaroperationen of bimanual reversal movements. Journal of Motor Behavior38 4 Wissenschaft, Anwendung, Berufsfelder S.

Bewegungen mit indirekter Sicht im Altersverlauf. Intermanual interactions related to movement amplitudes and endpoint locations. Journal of Motor Behavior38 2

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