Mainframe computer

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This would include communication lines and peripherals such as disk drives. This would not include internal transfers within the processor, such as from one level of cache to another, or the loading of instructions from memory into the processor for execution.

Better known as the An architecture designed by IBM in conjunction with some major European insurance companies. Defines application specific features data models, function models, communications interface, etc for the European insurance industry.

See Internet Addiction Disorder. See Item Access Facility. Once rumored as the new name for Vsam define cluster share options day trading 1. Early the rights were transferred back to Hogan. See Internal Battery Feature. Short-lived IBM packaging of hardware, software, and services introduced in February which aimed to provide a solution to a specific problem. The novelty was in the pricing; the customer and IBM sat down and worked out the anticipated business benefit in cash terms.

First offerings were storage and batch window management. Name of the Web search robot IBM used to use to build search engines, back in the days when it was in that business.

Renamed to SecureWay Firewall. An on-line service for customers that was built around product-related information systems previously used solely by IBM staff.

Justified within IBM, and even offered free in some countries, as a way to reduce the time spent by IBM staff answering customer marketing and technical questions. And often the justification within organizations for getting vsam define cluster share options day trading communications link to IBM. Hardware and software configurators were also added over the years. Then, at the turn of the vsam define cluster share options day trading, things got confusing for a short time.

Thankfully, it suffered an early death. Integrated Business System Development Method. Was available in the obsolete Developmate product. IBMspeak for a small unit within an organization that acts as an autonomous unit. APL system providing an Information Center environment. See Internal Channel link. A circuit board on a chip. Only a few transistors and associated components, but it was a first.

A communication adapter that is integrated into a host processor. Very appealing when it was first introduced in small mainframes like theas it meant external communications was suddenly very affordable because you did not have to buy an FEP. Vsam define cluster share options day trading limited, in terms of number of ports, and could not be expanded, forcing the purchase of an FEP. See Inventory Control Block.

See Integrated Cluster Bus link. See also Integrated Cluster Bus link. Closely allied to IBM sales and marketing operations, and was able to offer highly competitive services — flexible leases, bundled services, discounts, etc.

Interactive Computing and Control Facility. Long rumored and much-hyped DASD subsystem from Storage Technology Corp, consisting of an array of up to 64 disks, complete with its own controller.

To the mainframe, Iceberg looks like a controller. Formal announcement was in Januarybut shipment dates kept slipping, and the first customer beta site went live mid Volume shipments started at the beginning of Software on the iSeries providing support for user communications programs.

Key to the use of iSeries in a network. It has not, however, replaced the VTOC. See Integrated Cryptographic Feature. A macro 1 providing a direct interface to the RACF databaseto locate or update a profile.

The RACF started procedures table. Like EREP, ordering varies by operating system. Integrated Coupling Migration Facility link.

Internet Control Message Protocol. The protocol used to provide reports of problems and incorrect datagram destinations in the Internet Protocol IP 1 layer. A symbol or representation. Anything or anybody uncritically admired according to the dictionary.

Usually used with the first meaning to refer to the symbols used in the user interfaces for PCs in which little pictures are used in preference to words e. There is little benefit to the user in this approach since the pictures are usually completely unfathomable; however, the vendor benefits, because it provides an excuse for not publishing local language versions of software, which would be necessary if words rather than icons were used.

The compiler, interpreter and run-time system are all written in C, and the language syntax is based on the C language. But there the similarity ends, as what can take years to write in C can often be done in a week in Icon. Since development of the language is done on Unix, new releases appear vsam define cluster share options day trading first, but a group of dedicated followers quickly port each new release to their favorite platform.

The software that runs on the Interconnect Vsam define cluster share options day trading. Individual Computer Products International. Ambra fared little better, vsam define cluster share options day trading was gone worldwide by July See Vsam define cluster share options day trading CRyptographic Feature.

Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility. Software used to drive the Integrated Cryptographic Feature.

The dialog user interface to part of GDDM. International Components for Unicode. Integrated Database Application Programming Interface. Interactive Data Definition Utility. An interface standard that has remained extremely popular for hard disk drives on workstations, despite competition, most notably from SCSI. A formal language designed for specifying object interfaces and parameters in a language-neutral format. Integrated Data Link Control.

It is a full duplex high-level data link control protocol. Integrated Digital Network Exchange. Main use is for bandwidth management of T1 lines and other wide-area backbone networks.

Effectively the DIA header containing details of the document author, subject, data, addressee, etc. Improved Data Recording Capability. This technique has the advantage over traditional software compression of not using CPU cycles for the compression. However, it has the disadvantage of transferring the uncompressed data across the channelwhich vsam define cluster share options day trading possibly uses as many CPU cycles as would software compression.

IDRC is standard on the and late s, and is available as an upgrade on old s. Not available for Magstar. Both a generic term and product vsam define cluster share options day trading for several security products that detect, prevent and react to unauthorized network activity, especially from hacker s.

A defunct product for linking Scanmasters via a mainframe. As obsolete as the Scanmaster itself. See Intelligent Decision Server.

Interactive Display Text Facility. Obsolete, though the utilities themselves DFU, etc. Unloading is especially useful for copying a PDS to tape. In fact, about the slowest way to copy anything anywhere.

Can only be used for PDS members and sequential datasets with fixed length records no greater than 80 bytes in length. Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. American professional body with substantial impact on standards for communications. Believe it or not, today it is the most popular of all the original IBM utilities. And it is much more complex than most people will lead you to believe.

And hear, all these years, you had been told it was so simple, just one line of code. All kidding aside, it is quite useful, most frequently to write JCL DD 2 statements to preallocate or delete a file or something similar, unrelated to the running of any program.

It can also be useful when testing DD statements when you do not wish to run the program they will be used for. Can be downright dangerous in an SMS 1 -managed environment. A measure of computer performance based on the time taken to perform a single machine operation. Not a great deal of use except for comparing two processors with identical repertoires of machine instructions.

Internet Engineering Steering Group.

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Oauth allows for app identity to be recognized apart from user identity. This cross-platform mechanism means apps can be granted more permissions than the current user has. Patch Management Not available to SharePoint Online customers.