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A little dramatic I hear you say but to some Koreans maybe not. Too many of us are milksopped from cradle to grave. Cut your own groove and enjoy the ride,then you know it is worth it. Lifes hard-but when we know this,the rest is Easy.

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The people living in the plains are being warned that they will have to bear the onslaught when lakhs of evicted farmers from the high ranges will settle in the plains. To top it all, the revenue department officials are warning people against land registration or land transfer citing that until further directions are given, no land transaction can be carried out in ESA villages.

The EFL Act is a state Act to provide for the vesting in the Government of ecologically fragile lands in the State of Kerala and for the management of such lands with a view to maintain ecological balance and conserving the bio-diversity.

Ecologically fragile land denotes any forest land or any portion thereof held by any person and lying contiguous to or encircled by a reserved forest or a forest or any other forest land owned by the government and predominantly supporting natural vegetation.

This Act allows the Government to vest such a land from the owner and make it part of the Reserve Forest.