Wind Power Costs Could See Another 50% Reduction by 2030

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Wind energy has been in use for quite a long time now, with windmills being used effectively to do mechanical work.

With the growing need for alternative sources of energy, man is reusing an old method of tapping wind energy to produce electricity. Wind turbines are being constructed, and wind farms are being developed to harvest energy all over the globe. The cost of construction of such machines varies according to their types and the scale on which they are being built.

These devices have two basic designs, each with its own pros and cons. The wind turbines cost efficiency and lesser known design is the vertical axis wind turbine or VAWT, where the rotor is arranged in a vertical direction, and is not pointed towards the direction of the wind.

Cost of the turbines varies according to their designs. Efficiency of Wind turbines cost efficiency Turbines Are wind turbines competent tools of harnessing energy? As with all machines and energy conversion tools, there is some loss of energy in the windmills, and it does not convert all wind turbines cost efficiency wind energy to electrical energy. This exists because of the friction and loss of energy due to heat. This was determined by a German physicist named Albert Betz, inand is known as Betz's law.

Though it does seem like an insufficient percentage of energy production, wind turbines can give decent energy returns. Some of the factors that wind turbines cost efficiency affect the efficiency of such devices are: These machines are usually designed to run at a specific wind speed, and any variation in wind velocity can lower their efficiency. Extreme change in wind turbines cost efficiency can affect the running of a wind turbine.

Although, this issue is being addressed with improved designs, alterations in temperature still cause changes in energy conversion efficiency in windmills.

There is a loss of energy due to friction and resistance. Though work is being done to improve designs to reduce and limit this loss, it still does persist. Cost of Building Wind Turbines The expense varies according to the type and size of the turbine that is being built. It could be a large, medium, or a small one. Installing a wind generator at home can cost you up to dollars. However, making a simple homemade wind generator will cost you much lesser, and if you can afford it, you can then try to scale it up to a bigger size.

For commercial purposes though, the scale of the machines has to be larger to be productive. The common ones used nowadays are about 2 MW in size, and larger ones are also available. The expenses are so high because of the many factors involved in installing the machines, which include cost of construction, transportation, setting up transformers, location costs, and maintenance. Cost efficiency can greatly depend on the type of turbine, its location, and design.

Also, an extensive study on the feasibility of the project has to be carried out at the building site, to measure the wind power and its variation in speed. The turbine design wind turbines cost efficiency greatly affect its efficiency. HAWT or horizontal axis wind turbines give better energy returns only at areas with high and fairly constant wind turbines cost efficiency speeds, and are very expensive to build and transport.

VAWTs are cheaper to construct, and do not need unidirectional or constant wind speed, but may not give good energy returns on a large-scale basis. Although wind turbines cost a lot of money to construct, they can be used as a part of alternative energy harnessing strategies, especially in pragmatic areas feasible for the functioning of these machines. Advantages of Wind Turbines. Wind Generators for Homes. Offshore Wind Farm Advantages. The Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags.

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